Presenting an informative speech for CJN class about the Fighting Game Scene


Sup all. I’ve gotta present a 5-8 minute informative speech about a topic of my choice for my CJN class this thursday. Tomorrow is a rough draft kinda deal where we go up and present as if it was the real thing. Heres the deal though, the topic i chose was the competitive Fighting Game Scene. Now obviously the room is full of complete outsiders and have no idea about this.

As I’ve been brainstorming or whatever I found that the problem seems to be that I have too much to say and dont want to take up more time than I’m given. I figured the best way to break it down is into 3 main points about the Fighting game scene/community but I’m not entirely sure what 3 points these would be that would give a general overview of the community and whatnot.

as someone of the FGC, what do you think the 3 best main points would be to talk about to a complete outsider?


8 minutes is not a lot of time… just cover the very basics.

Explain the point of fighting games, make sure your audience understands what a fighting game is.

Brief history of arcade fighting games, Street Fighter II as the first competitive game that gained widespread attention.

Fighting games today and big fighting game tournaments. Make it look like any sport, have your audience know that the best can earn money and even a sponsorship, and that some players travel very long distances just to play others. Those kinds of things should spark interest in an audience.


The “scene” itself is boring.
It would be better to lecture about the different aspects of fighting games at competitive play.

I talk from experience as I actually gave a lecture about it.


what is CJN?


Not only explain to them what a fighting game is, explain WHY people play them in the first place.


Goes on to quote Sirlin.


whats cjn


I disagree. I spent a lot of time doing my best to get as many of my friends as possible into FGs. I started off by explaining some of the more popular games out nowadays and their mechanics and how they work at higher level play. My friends got completely bored by this and thought it was too much work.

What got them interested and willing to work towards something was when I told them some of the history behind FGs at high level competitive play, and the current state of the scene and described huge tournaments such as EVO and how tight-knit the community is. I then showed them some videos from EVO and the like, and this is what got them playing. It was no longer a nerdy, outcast kind of thing to them, they saw it as a legitimate competitive hobby if not a sport.


Well yeah showing people daigo parry movie and tournament hype is one thing, but I thought he was going to give a lecture about justin and gootecks etc.


Why? Who cares about Justin and gootecks? :rofl:

Just concentrate on the games and notable events. The world at large does not give a shit about top FG players and they will continue to not care. So focus on what matters.


Might as well be nice:

  1. What a fighting game is and how it differs from other genres.

  2. How the scene started and died in the arcades. East/West rivalries, how it works in japan.

  3. Change into consoles because of the death of arcades, the challenges it presents and advantages, current rivalry with japan.

Videos to show:


Mine was more about Final Round than the community in general when I did it, but this video was well received during the presentation. Shows somebody getting their asswhooped and the ensuing hype afterwards. Daigo parry video won’t make much sense unless they know something about street fighter.

The Yipes video is kinda mixed but people find it funny; which lets you segway into the importance of youtube and to podcasts (used to be Alphaism but don’t know if it gets the same amount of listeners anymore).

If you have any questions, post.