Presenting: DreamBattleOnline


Hello SRK ShowtimEX here, and I just want to present a new project me and my partner djdell82 have been working on for some time. Its called DreamBattleOnline or DBO for short, and its a league for fighting games on 2DF/GGPO. As of right now we have seasons for 1v1 3S, 3v3 ST and 1v1 KOF 98 just to start. Rest assure we will have more games available in the near future including some console games. This is our inaugural season and your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you all for visiting this thread and we hope to see you guys compete.



come on yall. west coast division! east coast division. stand up yall. get active. support this. you guys wanted a league? now u got one. bring ur best game to this shit. lets make it fun, competitive all of that. DOOOO IT. get hype! mike and ike.


I’m in, but the site needs to be organized a little better. As a result I believe I’m signed up for both East and West Coast 3s. Or maybe even neither!


it needs st 1v1 imo


very nice idea…def anyone who loves 3s should support this…


Entering to get demolished first round.


Considering entering the 98 tournament, I do love me a certain character in 98.


Any news on when you think we will start running matches? A small forum for discussion on the site would be nice.


We did had a 3v3 for ST, but we’re a community first based league, so if you guys prefer a 1v1 ST league, then I will talk to Showtime at this time and make this happen for you guys. We’re in the process of making a forum for us and the community to discuss the league on, so just give us some time and will will deliver want you need and want.

We plan to go live with matches and all starting next Monday, just to let you guys know, so you have until Sept. 13 at midnight EST to register and get in where you fit in. We are trying to start something big and we need all the support we can get from you guys. We are nothing without a community and you will forever be grateful for your effects. Enjoy it, have fun and good games to all.


thanks for all input. im still in the works of making a discussion forum and im recruiting for staff as well for better organization so if anyone is interested dont hesitate to message me.




maybe you should organize that stuff here instead of on a different site

just post in a thread whos in a specific division and such

besides that site looks like it has nothing on it so itll be harder for ppl to find it unless you constantly post the link to it

other than the site itself im all for this, if you consider my idea just put me down for the East Coast Division

Nica K.O :tup:


thanks nica ive been meaning to talk to you about possibly joining the staff. if interested plz pm me


We are currently dropping KOF 98 for the mean time, because we are unclear of any banned characters from tourney play. I was wondering do you guys want to substitute another game, like MvC, just to add variety, since its a crossover game? We want at least 3 games we can support come next Monday.

I also need to know what software can be used to do shoutcast if any of you guys want to tell me. I want to put that in the mix just for the fun of it to make things more interesting.

I agree with Nica and say we will get all the advise and input from SRK at this point. Thank you guys for your input!!!

By the way, the forums are up and running and if you have a Xfire account we have a Xfire page as well. But we can only fit up to 300 members.


Well I signed up again after the crash, but I am still not receiving any confirmation email.


Check your spam folder, but if it’s not there we will manually do it ourselves. we already have user re registering to the website again. Sorry for the mix up Chad.


Thanks for confirming the account. For some reason the email never showed up, spam folder or regular.


ST league? I’m in!

edit: How long does it take to send a confirmation email, it’s been 2 hours …

edit2: Make that 5 days… I guess I’ll try again with another address… sigh


All the good people who signed up before the site crash need to hurry up and sign up again!


Is this thing dead in the water?