Presentism in the past

Well, just got an assignment for a “Feudal Societies” class. The Assignment is, "You live in the middle ages as a _______. Write a 1000 word description of yourself, in the first person, of what a day in your shoes would be like.

Now, as I look through pages of source-full data, I come to ask you all this:**

If you could pick any place in time and space, where would you go for a day, and why?**

Ancient Rome, during the rule of Caesar. I find ancient history fascinating. Mix in the fact that I’d be in my homeland thousands of years in the past and the fact that this civilization kicked the shit out of the next several (thanks Christianity!) and I’d be in awe.

last thursday.
i had pie.

I had to the same exact thing in 5th grade, but I didnt get to choose, my teacher chose for me, and she picked me to be the guy that goes around and cleans the horse shit off the streets. I was pissed.

Yep, Me too. I was assigned to be a Court Jester. 1000 words on being funny. . . I’ll write about how truly miserable being one would be because of the pressures of HAVING to be funny. Sort of like Pagliacci. . .


I’d like to choose a day in the history of the United States that both gives me a sense of my own heritage and culture, and offers me some good sightseeing opportunities with a minimum of danger.

I’m going to choose to be in New York City, Times Square, August 14th, 1945 at 12:00 noon. The is the day Japan surrendered to the US and brought an to World War II.

I can’t even imagine the air of relief and jubilation that city that day. I’d probably kiss a nurse, walk around times square some, go get me a piece of pie at a diner, and then get pretty drunk and watch everyone celebrate. USA!


The biggest, busiest arcade in America at the height of SF2’s popularity. I’d probably stomp everybody, but it would be worth it to see SF2 in a truly mainstream role and see people discovering basic techniques right from the beginning.

I love you honest answer.

If I could go back for a day, I would go to the New England settlements around the middle of the first great awakening. I would take advantage of the liberal revivalists and begin my own cult that would praise me as a rebirth of Jesus. Well. . . that’s fucked up.

I’d go to a bank in the early 1900s and deposit money in my name. Definitely after 1930, For the Great depression fucked everyone up. After a good 80 years, i’d have a good accumulation of interest. Then I could afford to go to Evo2010.