Preserving Originality... (Marvel Color/music mods)

This may be the opinion of an old schooler…

But… I dont think that any mod versions should be used for tournament play… especially big screen finals that are gonna wind up on DVD…

I came from the days where we stood behind cabinets, and I’m sure a fuck no modded board would ever be allowed. This is a legit, real ass tournament, and we should preserve originality… They dont even allow character switching that is outside of arcade parameters… but allow software modifications?.. Let’s keep this shit on point, yo.


For tourny play thats a given i would think. Keep it legit.

oh evo doesnt use any mod mixes, they have ties with capcom

I hope that in the BYOC/Hotel rooms we’ll be able to see the dedication that some modders have put towards our favorite game.

I thought smash was the only game that had actual mods to change gameplay. As far as everything else I’ve never heard of it, cept maybe color mods on pc versions.

It’s not modding the actual gameplay, just the music and colors. Though there are some color edits out there that can mess with gameplay :tdown:

There aren’t gameplay mods in the DC Marvel customs that everybody plays on.

Playing Marvel on default music is pretty terrible when you have good mixes around, esp since I don’t know of any players who actually play default.

I remember when they thought the mix could be the problem when the game reset in 2007 on the big screen, and putting in default (just in case it was) sucked some of the electricity out of the following matches honestly :stuck_out_tongue:

Since they’ve used mixes/colors in the past I’ll be sad to hear that lounge music on the 2009 videos if that’s the stance they’re taking.

No mods. Color or gameplay…

Keep this shit original… If it was up to me, ya’ll would be behind some naomi cabinets…

While I’d love to see some of dat’ mango Sentinel, the last thing I want to hear at EVO is some kids god awful MVC2 mix featuring Linkin Park and the soundtrack to The Matrix (because let’s face it, that’s what most of them are).

Legit only, please!

Hey yo IMO I strongly urge for Edited Marvel! I personally get super amped when a great song with lots of energy flows through my entire aura and alows me to unleash the unholy rage upon my vict…I mean uhh opponent, causing there hope, dreams, and life force to fade away ever so painfully @ my feet! There are thousands of mixes have been made and there will be thousands more because it’s just too sweet, and technically it gave the marvel community a “new outlook” sorta speak on marvel. If it is broadcasted to the public using a great mix then I along with 300,000 others will be very excited to be apart of it or witness it live! If not then hey I also understand on keeping it old school, it is what it is.


if theres a good mix for marvel(trust me, theres good ones out there), id rather have the mix. It really does amplify the game mood and intensity. As for color mix, I think its cool, but i think they should be left out of the official tourney. I seen some wacked out colors that can make it harder to tell wtf is going on…cough…transparent characters/projectiles…cough…

i support custom soundtrack 100%. colors, probably not, even though there are some sick ones out there.

i’m not a marvel player by any stretch, but watching marvel with some MJ in the back ground is alot more entertaining than that bullshit they call a score, shit i wish they had moded versions of CVS2 for ps2 cause the music in that sucks ass too!

Preppy’s mix is so :rock:

WTF. We dont chose soundtracks for other games. So now that we can, we totally disregard the games original design?

Lame… in that case, I want music turned off in all games, and we just load hype and intense CD’s! Sounds cool right… thats basically what soundtracks mods are allowing, 'cept that it’s hacked instead of played over. LAME SAUCE DOT COM

Keep it legit.

as if changing the BGM isn’t legitimate… it changes nothing other than what you hear lol. but yea… no one can really complain about the original score, while they can complain about anything else.

except that evo is a console tournament :confused:

most music should be fine (donut please…)

and if ANY color mods, at least casual cartel’s as they don’t do the whole team matching thing, and their colors are great (not offensive)

I don’t wanna play on blocky color mixes, or where they are all the same color or too dark or bright : /

How do you define TOO bright or TOO dark. Why should we even have to consider and judge such obscurities.

Keep it legit.

just about any of us have seen or can tell what’s too dark or bright.

stop being stupid

i hope someone has the lady gaga mix