President Obama is making people gay?


I don’t know this guy is serious or not. Because this ladies and gentlemen is trolling at its finest. Or this guy has gone full-retard, its one or the other.



Only the muslims in his mosque that he bangs on the side.


The hell is up with the new generation?

Even the intellectual kids are complete idiots.


What do people have against gays?
Do gay people go around and just grope straight dudes and try to tongue blast them all day?

Edit: No wonder why he hates gay. He’s a religious nutjob who tries to convert everyone to his shitty religion.


Well…if the president came up and tenderly stroked your testicles while whispering sweet nothings into your ears, you’d be gay too.
You can’t say no to those powerful, authoritative hands, and that crisp, eloquent voice…just silky…smooth…raw like thunder.



Donnell Rawlings turned gay for 5 seconds when he saw Barack Obama for the first time.


I now know why you work in government.


who the fuck gave a 14 year old kid his own radio show? are there really not enough hardline new con old white guys to fill those spots anymore?


Probably Rush Limbaugh’s illegitimate son.

Though by saying that it could be misconstrued that he could ever legitimately raise children, this is of course, false.

It’s also in West Virginia, so there is that.


Something about him really irritates me… Well, this is why I hate religious nuts. Nothing wrong with religion, just the crazy people preaching it.


It could be misconstrued that a woman would ever lay with rush limbaugh that guy is pretty gross.


For love or money.


Indeed. Sips tea


Just some stupid punk who knows nothing about the world around him and had his folks buy him a fancy microphone.


Or maybe he cloned himself.
He crazy enough to pull some crazy shit.


Cuz he’s 14! He’s hip and appeals to the new generation of kids!


Rush is nasty. I don’t know any chick that would knowingly lie with that man. for money or love.



As for the kid, well, he’s just a kid. We all, at some points in our tween years had stupid ideas and done stupid things. All this kid is doing is voicing it on modern technology. Though in comparison, I think the stupid shit I did was way more cooler.


Racist. You’re using “eloquent” as a substitute for “articulate.” That’s a back-handed compliment. Bigot talk for, “you talk good for a nigger.”



Its because gay people like dick. Why would we want to hang out with people who like dick? that sounds dumb.:annoy: