Press Play Entertainment (Annapolis, MD)

Hey guys just thought I’d pass along some good news to all MD players in or around Annapolis, there is a new game lounge open who will be hosting tournaments in the near future. I swung by the westfield Annapolis mall today on my lunch break and the place is called “Press Play Entertainment”. I talked to one of the owners and an employee and they both seemed pretty cool, they honestly have a pretty sweet setup in there. But anyways to the good stuff, the guys there said they will be hosting SSFIVAE 2012, UMVC, TTT2 tournaments in the near future, and if the community is strong he said he’d look into making it a weekly event with ranbats. But for now I think they will be just doing casuals with a cover fee, how much I’m not sure but I’m pretty excited to possibly have a bigger scene in my area and thought I’d spread the word. So if anyone would like more details just let me know, and If i’ve broken some forum rule I’m sorry, I mostly just lurk SRK for advice and tips, rarely posting. Hope to see you all there in the future.