Press Start and Select

How would you mod the stick so you press both the Start and Select to make it the home button for PS3 and Xbox? Using the Akishop PS360 PCB.

Doesn’t it do that right out of the box? Or are you using the original PS360 and not the + version? The PS360+ I installed into a friend’s stick functioned that way out of the box.

Oh really? Okay cool. I wasn’t sure because I haven’t modded yet. I just wanted to gather information before I did everything

Yeah, it was a super easy mod. No solder, no real mess or fuss, just cut the insulation off the wires, plug it in, and screw down.

ChImp board also has that built in.

On a semi-related note: be careful about committing to Start + Select = Home as there are a couple of games out there that (stupidly) have that button combination actually assigned to some in game function like, oh for example, UMvC3 in which Start + Select resets training mode.

Er, on the PS360+ there’s a 1/2 (maybe it was 1/3) second delay when you hit start+select so you can do a soft reset in games like UMvC3 training mode. Hold it longer = activates the Home function.

That’s good to know. It also means that Akishop is smarter with their product designs than Capcom. -_-

There’s also a function to use the ‘home/back’ button for that as well. No need to HAVE to use start+select.