Pressure tactics and block strings ... any groove

I’ve been messing with Rugal for a while but I just recently started experimenting seriously with him in C and K grooves and wow can he be sick! If anybody has Rugal strats they use please help me and other Rugal players sharpen our skills with him.

What are some useful pressure tactics and block strings for example?

What moves SHOULDN’T be punished by a godpress combo?

What are some B&B’s (I kno a few but just to get an idea of what’s being used)?

The Rugal forum seems slowed to a halt, hopefully we can kick it back into gear.

damn nevermind i jus read all of rugal 3:16’s stuff thanx a lot man … any other info besides that would still help but i cant think of anything else haha guess ill go practice …

where’s the rugal 3:16?
im looking for tactics as well

right here

and more … just display all the threads “from the beginning” and ull see a lot