Pressure vs. Defense?

I’ve been flirting around with Akuma lately. I’m having a little trouble adjusting to him because of his low stamina. After losing some matches with some aggressive Ryu players, I noticed that I can’t punish jump ins from the left side with SRK on reaction (I’m working on it), don’t know how to tech throws without mashing (I’ve done the crouch tech exercise successfully, but I don’t know how to apply it other than Ken’s EX Hurricane mixup) and I don’t really have a grasp on when to keep the pressure on or when to play defense.

When/How do you guys know when to apply pressure or just play runaway/defense?

Depends on the matchup and the player you’re playing against. Try to apply some pressure and see how they react. If they’re reversal happy, play a more cautious game and try to bait for a punish. If they’re more conservative, throw in mixups and apply pressure to try and crack them.

Yes. Darkfall pretty much summed it up.

This, this, and more this. Doing this helps begin your pressure in the first place. Punish with cr.HK when possible. Vortex time!! And before you say ?Ummm what is a vortex?? Just go here And if you already know then, excuse me.

Unfortunately, it’s mostly this…there is no magic formula for anything we’re trying to accomplish.

But as far as this goes?

Since you’re already working on it, just keep doing that and you’ll be fine. Won’t happen overnight. As far as ‘nervous teching’ as I call it, to know how to tech the throw is to know when its coming. Be aware of it when your opponent gets in very close (All you pros who are saying ?yea no shit??cool your heels. I know you know these things.) Learning or at least being familiar with block strings of other characters, along with what your opponent is doing will help that. Frankly, all that goes into learning the matchups. Everyone does pretty much the same few combos TO A CERTAIN EXTENT so it won’t be long before you familiarized with the strings. And also actively play both sides of the screen.

I?m done?

Thanks for the help guys

My vortex is a little lacking right now. Most of my match ups have been against Ryu so it’s kinda hard for me to find a spot to land a sweep since Tatsu to sweep doesn’t work. When I get a sweep I try to capitalize on it though and it’s paid off, but Ryu hits like a fucking truck so it isn’t hard for him to comback (especially considering i’m learning teching and punishing jump ins from the left)

To add to this, while I agree with all the above, I believe it is very difficult to argue that Akuma should have a defensive approach to almost all of the matches. Pressure is important, and his mix up game is incredible, but he takes damage like a girl. Because of that, in a game like SF4 where damage from mistakes come easily and hit hard, Akuma should be very cautious and methodic with his move placement. That’s why he’s the hardest top tier to play well.

Too long didn’t read? Play defensively and safely until you get a knock down, then go crazy like that nigga owe you money.

some matchups have to be played defensively…just watch the latest momochi v daigo match.

…man momochi’s footsies…

IMO if one wants to play an offensive akuma then you have to know and execute all of akuma’s arsenal without fail. One slip up or mistake and it is more or less game over against good opponents or in tight games. That said I found akuma is most successful by playing a defensive zoning game then the first opportunity (knock down) vortex your best to end the fight. If you slip up then teleport to safety and strategize for the knock down to vortex again. It is mot re or less how Momo plays. Finally some chars akuma can rush more easier than others. IMO Gief can be rushed (I 'm not all that and I choose to rush Gief with success.) Ryu Ken and Sagat aren’t easy to rush due to DP spams and bad trades in their favor. Bottom line know the matchups and what akuma options work versus each chars and how your opponents play.

Use teleport to avoid games of chance (i.e. mix-ups) and figure out which options are safe at certain times on specific characters. If you’re having trouble getting sweeps, I’d recommend using hadou fadc sweep combos.