Prettiest 2D fighter?

My vote is SF:III3S, because the sprites just moved so smoothly. Even their clothes bounced, everything made sense and the game looked stunning.

I was expecting your Join Date to say 2k7…

oh well… whatever… I guess…

Guilty Gear or Akatsuki Blitzkampf

Fuck 3S. Get NG.


You can’t get more beautiful character designs, colors, story, and backgrounds than the game Warzard!

Also, Arcana Heart, they are all chicks, you can’t get more prettier than that!

Sorry to disappoint. Akatsuki is beautiful, not a single pixel in sight. Guilty Gear doesn’t really impress me though…

What the hell is NG?

NG is SF3: New Generation.

Big Bang Beat is flashy as fuck, I love it.

BBB looks a lot like MB, with the pixellated sprites and whatnot though… :frowning:

Biltzkampf, as said, is so clean.

Arcana and bbb, obviously

yeah, I’d definitely have to go with SF:III. GG might always be the flashiest, as far as Akatsuki Blitzkampf goes, I haven’t played it, but the vids I saw, all the characters looked too dark and stiff to me…But I suppose I’d need to play it.

I forgot one fighter

Martial Masters

Last Blade 2 in high res would beast in prettiness all over those games.

Fist of the North Star or Garou

I’d be more impressed with the look of GG if it animated better. detailed sprites are nice, but I don’t dig the animation so much. Akatsuki makes awesome stills because the sprites are so smooth, but it doesn’t always animate so hot, either.

I’d have to vote for SF3 or Garou.

arcana heart

Big Bang Beat looks like Big Fucking Ugly on my new monitor, while Blitzkampf is straight up sex on it.

Honestly, if we’re talking about animation quality and what have you, I still think Darkstalkers has everything here beat, easily.

oooh yes! Darkstalkers was very nice. I loved Gallon. Now THAT is how a werewolf should look!

Ask this in a year and the answer will be SSF2T HD: Remix

you sir, are probably correct, that Akuma looked so friggin great.

Garou by far. I love the art style of that game; not to mention it has pretty damn good graphics for a game from '99.

MotW is most definitely the best looking game on the MVS.