Pretty Av request, link to pic inside

Source pic:

I saw that pic and just went WHOA. Can someone cut/crop/resize me an avatar sized cut of that? Maybe slight bezeling around. Focused on the lips obviously. Resize so the lips fits within the avatar size (I dont want those beauties cropped off, but want them taking up as much space as possible), and seeing hair on the sides is a plus, but not required. Maybe the name stencilled as a photo negative in the lower right? Name and name style totally optional, as long as it doesnt touch those lips. Color adjustment so lips/tongue are more reddish and the whole thing not so yellow’ed out would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help. This represents exactly the second av I’ve ever requested; you can expect me to wear it for quite a while.

Bump for great justice. C’mon, a picture this sexy has got to be in a an avatar…

wtf is wrong wtih her tongue?

its been split appartently

lol irl @ toodles sig

or she’s got herpes on her lip?

Last bump before I write this one off. I mirrored the image at my site just in case.

Damn I want that tongue on my…umm…avatar.


Use if it if you want, quick 5 minute job if that. Not sure if it follows your specifications exactly, but it’s atleast an effort.


Works for me. Thanks Ramon.