Pretty balanced game so far

So far all the characters seem to be fine (except for infinities) but no over powered God tier Sagat or Ryu BS like Scrub Fighter IV.

What do you guys think? I think this game is pretty solid. I mean, what character actually need to be nerfed? Are there any characters that needa be buffed? Maybe Jin and Xiaoyu, so far I haven seen them in good action yet

I guess you can say Kuma and Yoshimitsu too, but this might be because no one uses them that’s all

I think

this thread is pretty useless so far… let’s wait and see (just like with the game’s balance)

Character balance is fine…so far. It’s certain game mechanics that are broken. Like rolls and having to spend a meter to stop someone from Lp pressure.

Too early to determine. There are definitely some characters who lack tools (Yoshimitsu), but we still have no idea if some glitch or crazy tech will propel them up to S tier. I don’t think this game is going to be as balanced as KoFXIII console version, but beyond that I have no clue.

Hopefully, it’ll be balanced.

Why is roll a problem?

One can deal with pressure with backdash, reversal, or blocking. Alpha counter have little stuff to counter them so it warrants that they cost meter, not to mention if you Alpha counter combinme with tag cancel allow for Gaurd cancel that lead to combo/ set up potential. What more do we need? and believe me I love defense mechanics as the next turtler.

…rolling Rufus is a bit of a problem.

Characters with fast jabs are def a problem. Cammy, sak and raven can walk foward jab you all day into launcher with no scaling for whos coming in.

So you know of an situation where your oppoent suppoisvly " have an advanatage" what are you guys doing about it?

complaining about roll situations is like complaining about grappllers command grabbing you or being zone out but projectile users. No matter what you feel the case should be this is how the game function works. I hate to quote sirlin but you gotta play to win. If rolls are so good use it. IF they are hard to beat than avoid them. If you can’t adapt to that concept than that’s your problem. not the game.

My only gripe is on infinites, specifically the fact that we still aren’t at that XvSF level where everyone has a practical one. But that’s just me.

That said, we already have en existing balance thread.