Pretty Crazy UFO Footage, R E A D OP

First of all, let’s get some things out of the way. I am in no way shape or form some “UFO nut”. Honestly before recently, I hadn’t given the subject much thought. But I was just scoping some stuff bored on youtube, and some of this stuff, well, to an open minded person is pretty crazy.

Here’s the video in question:

Showed it to my friends, we all agree, scientifically speaking, it can’t be dust or debri because clearly you can see these objects pass *behind *this tether. Using the thether as a point of reference, it would appear that some of these objects are over a mile in diameter (!!).

That’s some pretty fucking big space junk lol.

Again, really watch the video and specifically at the points where you see these objects, which have a dark circle in the middle, pass behind the tether. Until you actually see the objects pass behind the tether, yeah one could just say it’s nothing.

This is the only message board I belong too and my friends aren’t geeky like me to get into this stuff, so that’s why I’m posting. I’m really curious to hear peoples thoughts, and I always considered SRK smart dudes (you gotta be to play SF no doubt). So, watch and discuss.

Those objects look very spherical. If life beyond earth exists and the planets have an atmosphere similar to the earth’s, then I doubt that alien ships would be shaped like that. There are probably comas around the objects like the bottom right image. Then again, I don’t know much about astronomy.

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Anways whats a coma?

What does a planets atmosphere, have to do with what shape the inhabitants make thier space ships?

What a ghost town

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Ships that aren’t aerodynamic would have a difficult time reaching escape velocity.

Does that mean that object was following a curved trajectory through space? Seeing as we saw a steady cross section as it passed and it didn’t really change much as it went along. Asking not trying to disprove anything. I’m open to believe anything nowadays.

Ehh, thanks for the input xlxl… but no one seems to give a shit about my topic lol… peace homey

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Awesome, stay open minded!

XlXlXl: You are clearly a smart guy, but if you ask me all these “ships” look like millenium falcons lol. aerodynamics be damned.

Wow I think I would have gotten a better response if I’d have posted this in my pittsburgh thread L O L. Seriously N O ONE CARES. This is sad.

Well anyways thanks 4 the two responses guys. I’m out peace.

I’m not sure what I was asking either tbh

homeboy’s camera ain’t that great tbh

i am skeptical

The Tether Incident does look like compelling footage at first, but you have to realize out of focus particles and space debris can pretty much account for much of what I can see. Notice how these objects are moving in a very predictable path and not veering into any eccentric directions, consistent with space debris.


This right here is without question the most compelling UFO footage I have ever seen. It is compelling because this is from a live NASA STS-114 mission feed.

The object in question does something that defies physics, it makes a direct turn in space. It alters it momentum without any visible propulsion and veers out of frame. It cannot be space debris, or Venus, it is clearly an object, in space, turning. As far as evidence goes this is as clear cut as you can get.

1st vid looks like dust

The thing with the video in the OP is the shuttle is 70 miles away from the tether. So for it to be clearly visible from that far away means the object has to be HUGE. I for one say it’s saiyans. Spherical ships, what looks like a window in the center? Saiyans.