Pretty DC mod.

plexi top, sanwa buttons, ls55 stick, foam base, nickle screws, ps1 pcb.
Grass and girl.
Stick is open to offers.

very nice!

I’ve heard of acetate sticky sheets, and vinyl stickers, but this seems to come off the cleanest.

I’d definately be down for picking up a pre-cut lexan if it’s durable enought to last a long time.

nice work,


Speaking from experience, it’s a real bastard to shape the Lexan. I haven’t drilled mine yet, but if it all goes pear shaped you’ll be getting some PM :slight_smile:

Awesome. One of the nicest mods yet.

Cock. I just tried to fit my spare piece to another DC stick (I have 2) and the holes are not quite right!?! These cant all be different.
Buttons fit but the screws wont go in straight at all.
I dont know what to do now.

wow, that shit is tight. do you have the template you did for the artwork? I want to do something similar to mine when i get it.

I didnt use a template, The plexi and art is cut to the metal top.
Thanks though :slight_smile:


I’ve got a question, how thick is it? And I may decide to purchase myself one to make my agetec mod even cleaner than it was before. (by the way, would it be possible to countersink the screw holes? and to have atleast all the screws instead of just 3)

Also, could you do these for a Namco (grey and yellow) as well?


Its 2 mm, the screws are countersunk, although they do have a domed head. Flat head countersunk screws are too deep for 2mm plexi, and thicker plexi is no good for this mod. So these countersunk domed nickel guitar screws are the best compromise I think. I would need the stick to mod if you want all the screws as they do not seem to match on all agetecs.
Im sure I could do a Namco.

you replaced the metal top with lexan?

Well acrylic actualy I should change that. And the pcb is switched and there is pretty foam on the base and there are some sanwa buttons and Im going to probably add a seimitsu stick too.

don’t add a LS32. it’s gonna be too short :B

i see, but doesn’t the acrylic kinda stick out? or did you sand it at an angle around the edges? looks great btw. the foam is a great touch. :smiley:

how much?

Thanks for the compliments, The plexi is sanded at an angle yes, so its very comfortable. And shiny.
Its an LS 55 01 Im going to use, longer shaft than a JLF, by a bit.

Totally win. =D


If you can make me 2 namco sized ones, and 2 agetec (without the square opening, who needs those…) That is whenever you decide to sell them. Let me know.


I will need the sticks as all are slightly different. And it wont be for a while because of this problem. I have many customs to make.

so that stick is not for sell then :frowning:

Sorry, yes it is. But I have no fixed price. Please make an offer.

update, Seimitsu LS55 now. And screwed in the corners, it kept popping up.