Pretty lady av request


Hot chick av request?

Can someone make a simple av using the following pic?

My only requirements

  • my sn “Dangerous J” in bottom right corner (small)
  • a simple , background, no complex shit
  • face to chest visible.
  • just make iit look good.:cool:


is there anyone who does human avs that can help me out?
See above for info


Can you get a better pic cuz well i cant get her to have her face and her chest to be seen unless i shirnk it but it looks like caca so yea try finding a better pic mr.


That is a tough picture to work with:


I know it’s a bad picture, but you should also learn how to fix the quality on them. Cause sometimes, crappy pictures are the only ones you can find of certain things. So learning how to patch up a busted pic, is a great ability to have.


Agreed. A simple way to clean up some photos is to duplicate the layer, do a gaussian blur w/ 2 px range. Set the blend mode to screen and lower opacity until it looks right.


No doubt.

Also, sometimes you might have to get down and dirty, and use the brush or pencil tool and patch up smudges and such manually.

And other times, you can use the clonestamp tool.

I think the healing brush is another way, but that’s a lil unfamilar to me right now.


The healing brush attempts to match the saturation levels of the raster to the surrounding pixels. It certainly is another way to blend things in.