Pretty simple av request

What’s good? For anyone that decides to help me, I have a small request. I need an av with this image:

But on the right side where the enemy/boss is, could you remove it or place one of these images over it:

Whichever one works best. But only include the booty and legs. Cut off the upper body. And finally just throw FlyMike on the lower right hand corner where is.

Hope this isn’t too much but I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.

I don’t wanna seem impatient or anything but does anyone here want to accept my request? If not I could probably try another forum or site, but I don’t really know any. :shake: Plus SRK has some of the most creative talent I’ve seen in regards to this type of stuff.

Oh, and one other thing is that if what I’m asking for requires much more effort than what anyone is willing to spare then the design can be simplified. Again, I’d REALLY appreciate it.

i’ll give this a go later tonight unless someone has started working on it.

Thanks so much man!! Badass team av btw.

:u: thanks. :cool:

Oh shit! Got the name on that ass and everything.

str[e]ak, you crazy.

Wow :amazed:


Dude, you stunting too hard. Got the “FlyMike” tat on the ass too?! See that lil personal touch is the creativity I’m talking about. You exceeded my expectations in every way. Thanks so fucking much. If I had your addess I’d mail you some old Fighters Edge points.

Seriously though, that shit is “CRACK”, literally.

not so ninja [e]dit:

:d: no homo? lol, glad i could help. :cool:

:shocked: Gasp… so now I have a hard-on. Which is cool except for the fact that I’m at work. In tight ass flame resistant jeans. Around a bunch of sweaty guys. Still tho man you are my fucking hero!