Prevent HRAP cord from breaking

A very common problem with Hori Real Arcade Pros of all flavors is the cord getting weak and breaking right where it comes out of the stick. I recently just realized that this can be prevented with about five minutes of work and a philips head screwdriver.
Here are step-by-step instructions with crappy pictures:

1)Here is the cord unmodified.

2)Remove the eight (8) screws on the bottom of the stick with a philips head screwdriver and remove the metal plate.

3)Here is the cord unmodified inside the stick.

4)Take the cord and rewind it like this:

5)Make sure the cord is secure and then put the metal plate back on and screw it down.

6)Here is how the new cord should look:

I hope this is a solution for anyone who has went through many HRAPs with broken cords.

EDIT: Thanks for bringing up the issue regarding sharp metal plates. Here are some pictures of what I did to prevent cord damage if the metal plate is really sharp. Again, I haven’t experienced any damage from the metal plate with any HRAP, but clearly it can be a problem.

1)Figure out where the cord rests on the metal plate.

2)Place a small piece of electrical tape there.

3)You do not need to wrap the plate with tape. You only need enough to cover the edge, like this:

4)Place the metal plate back on the HRAP and screw it back on. The final result is basically invisible from the outside but should prevent the cord from scraping against the metal.

What an elegant and simple solution. Im going to do this to all my hraps. Save for the on that is already super broken that I made a crazy patch for.

Could basically apply this to every stick. I know I do. Did it with my hrap and hori sticks. Good tutorial.

yeah i already did that to my hrap after the cord wore out

Do you need this with 360 version?

It has a breakaway cable.

Usually the cord breaks from wrapping it around the stick or laying the stick on top of the cord.

I’ve been doing this since I bought the stick. Haven’t had any problems with my cord yet.

As of recently, I’ve been using an extension cord, so I don’t even need to untie the HRAP2 cord =)

Edit: Forgot to add I’ve had this stick for like 2 years now.

Learn over under…

Why wrap the whole cord around the body of the stick?

I just gently wrap the excess cord into a circle (like you do with a water hose) and let it hang over the stick itself. keeps it on top of the body and out of the way.

On Ex I think it’s better to leave it as is. Looks like the bottom plate could eventually cut through if this method is done. I tried it.

would be nice if they started selling replacement cords

They wouldn’t do that, they want you to buy more sticks anyway lol.

But, yeah… I never wrap the cord around the stick, I noticed the cord would wear out when you did that. I hate it when someone grabs my stick and the wraps the cord around it. :confused:

this is a nice and easy fix thanks

they think we’re just going to buy a completely new stick if the cable wears out?

Thanks for the information!

I received my HRAP3 last night and it is an amazing joystick.
I will modify the cord as soon as the warranty expires.


is there anyway top mod the HRAP with one of these Usb type b connectors?


That is an interesting point. If anyone has had this problem and has a fix, please post up.

About other techniques for storing the cord, I think the issue isn’t with the technique as much as it is with the cords construction quality. I’ve seen a lot of HRAPs with broken cords even when people take good care of them because of the fact that there isn’t really a way to put NO stress on the cords weakpoint. It seems like just letting the cord flop around while its in your lap puts some stress on it that is enough to eventually break it. There is constantly a little tension on it and when you add up all the times some dude wraps it around the stick or lays the stick on top of the cord they eventually break.

Please post up some more ideas because I’m surrounded by at least a few HRAPs and have repaired even more, so anything that will prolong its life even by a little is helpful.

I performed this mod and I noticed right away the metal plate is vey sharp. I think it may damage the cord if left as is.

Personally, my prevention technique is almost the exact same as TingBoy’s. Keeping the cord wrapped up will relieve a lot of potential stress on it and makes it much easier to store when not in use.