Prevent HRAP cord from breaking

Hah, it’s so obvious, how did I not think of it before?!? :lol:

The common solution around here is to just replace the entire HRAP PCB with a PS PCB. I haven’t had a problem with the PS PCBs cord being damaged by the sharp metal, but maybe it has thicker rubber or something than the HRAP PCB?

I’m not sure, but I’m just saying that I haven’t had any problems with a PS PCB touching the sharp metal.

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll definitely do this once mine comes in. It ought to allow a 360 USB cable to share that same hole.

i dont have pics but u could try what i did. I have custom ps2 arcade stick and to save the cord i just shoved the cord into the empty space in the case, and bought myself a extension cable at gamestop. The whole cord is inside my arcade stick with just the connector sticking out. Now whenver i want to use my stick i just grab my extension cord and use it

That’s a good point. Why not just connect a extension cord inside of the case and then have its wire being the one going to the console? You could zip tie the original cable like it is inside of the stick like the SE sticks do to make sure that nothing happens to it. Would probably take up some space with the PS2 connector but would be worth a try.

Please **DO NOT **do this mod to your HRAP!!! I did this when it was first posted and today I noticed that the metal has cut through the cord. The metal is very sharp. I have to bandage up the cord w/electrical tape and I’ve only had my HRAP for 3 months :frowning:


Thanks for the heads up.
I was on the verge of attempting this modification last weekend until a friend of mine told me not to as it would void the HRAP3 warranty.


I just did this to my own HRAP, but I did something a little different.
Since the plate is sharp, I just put some electrical tape on the part of the plate that touches the stick.
I also wrapped the cord with electrical tape.

I’m sure some of you out there will find something better to use than electrical tape, but that’s all I had at the moment. :sweat:

Wow, your timing is uncanny. Here are some pictures of what I did to prevent cord damage if the metal plate is really sharp. Again, I haven’t experienced any damage from the metal plate with any HRAP, but clearly it can be a problem.

1)Figure out where the cord rests on the metal plate.

2)Place a small piece of electrical tape there.

3)You do not need to wrap the plate with tape. You only need enough to cover the edge, like this:

4)Place the metal plate back on the HRAP and screw it back on. The final result is basically invisible from the outside but should prevent the cord from scraping against the metal.

^Heh, that’s almost exactly what I did.