Preventing hitting Start/Home during matches on wireless controllers


If you have four USB wired sticks connected to a PS3 would a wireless PS3 controller sync up to that PS3 because it already has four controllers recognized?

I say this because you could have two dedicated USB sticks or wired controllers locked into the PS3s used for important matches at all times. The two remaining slots would be used for the competitors’ sticks.

If there are four controllers recognized by the PS3 already would it not prevent wireless controllers from syncing up and interfering with matches? Or is there truly no way around the assholes and idiots who love to hijack things?

I don’t have four wired controllers that my PS3 will recognize. But for anyone who does have them (MarkMan I’m looking at you :arazz:) can you test this?

If the PS3 controller won’t sync it means people can’t hijack the home and start buttons during matches. Of course if it does sync it’s back to the drawing board. :sad:


Uh I believe the PS3 could handle up to 8 players/controllers.

I remember seeing 5 and 6 on controller settings during the weekend.


The PS3 manual says that it will allow up to 7 devices to be connected at one time. This is strictly blutooth, so I would imagine that, yes, you could have 4 wired sticks, and still connect a wireless controller or two.



That’s such an odd number. I would assume eight just cause most big multi-player games were either four or eight.


It’s too bad you can’t hit the reset switch on the Sixaxis PCB from outside the controller to avoid those situations after matches are concluded.


Does that include bluetooth headsets and remote.