Previews of my fan manga

here’s the cover page. tell me what y’all think?


another page.

and one more.

thanks for looking. =)

no comments?

I like em, I think your line work should have more variation though. The way it looks now makes the drawings seem kinda flat, just have more of a balance between thick and thin lines so everything becomes more dynamic. Other than that good stuff.

yeah you’re right. i kinda noticed it too. i’ll work on it as i complete the fan manga. thanks for the comments though.

I like your page layout ^ ^ You have a good drawing style too. My suggestion would be to experiment working with a varity of tones to really bring out the full effect. Nice job!

thanks! =)

hey that was nice demo of ur work ineeddrugz, not bad at all. i’d like to challenge u to a friendly comic battle. let me know if ur interested, then i’l let u know the details.

That’s dope. Needs more bishi-ness on Kyo though. ;o

ok i think ineeddrugz is way too busy for doing his manga thingy…good luck on that then.

Art looks solid. I like it. :tup:

hey! thanks for replying guys!

sorry i haven’t been here in awhile, but i didn’t see anyone reply (b4 you guys of course), so i came here less. but again, thanks for the comments. and D.Z? hehe, what you have in mind?

nice work for the most part… flow is very manga-ish (esp the 3 panel “!” on page 2). good stuff.

oh yeah, Terry > Kyo imho :slight_smile:

thanks again! oh btw, it’s just one page…a whole lot more to it. =)

here’s another page from my fan manga. SPEED LINES SUCK. i hate doing them, they take forever! there has to be an easier way.

AWESOME!!! :wow: That burnknuckle could use some more “expressiveness” in the way the energy is being emitted, if you get what I mean. :smile: The cover is too cool though. :cool:

thanks!! =)

if you’re talkin bout the first panel? yeah, you’re right, lookin at it now, it’s kinda…un-powerful. but thanks for taking a look!

I meant this pic: burnknuckle!.jpg (still cool though)

I like the blurry-speed effect. It makes me wanna watch that episode of Cowboy Bebop when Spike fights Ed’s dad an’ shit. The only thing, dood… you should add a slight bit of shading to give your characters depth. Other than that you chillin.