Price and Interest Check: GD-ROM Drive

I’m in need of some money, and happen to have this GD-ROM drive hanging out. I don’t have a cabinet, or any other naomi stuff, and therefore have no means of testing it out.

It’s from an old friend who was cleaning out some of his shit but he didn’t say if it would function or not.

It is multilingual and also came with a copy of GGXX but no security chip haha.

I can posts pictures later by request, if someone wants to see it.

Would anyone have a price range I could sell this multicultural mystery drive for by chance?

First and only bump. It’d be really nice to get an idea of what this is worth.

hiya Kori , ask how much its worth over at KillerCabs forums they will give you a very up to date price range.

id recommend some pics if your going to ask at KC aswell


Oh thanks, I’ll check it out.

A GD-ROM drive confirmed to work perfectly could reach upwards $200 USD on eBay but untested (normally interpreted as “not working”) would probably net you $50 at most (only a fool would pay more!).