Price check/Looking for: ps3 TE stick to dual mod (360)?


I’m looking at buying a PS3 TE stick with the intention of having someone mod it to also work with the 360. How much does this usually cost… and anyone willing to do this?


I could dual mod it for you. It would cost you shipping both ways and a $50 labor charge(you supply the 360 controller). It would be $80 plus shipping both ways if I supply the controller.

Also fry’s has brand new TE’s for $99 plus shipping:


There are a lot of people to do this. It would probably be best to get a local to do it just to save on shipping which would make the local the cheapest unless s/he has jacked up prices.

Also, if you haven’t already bought the stick, buy a 360 stick because the cthulu is a lot easier to work with than a 360 pcb, and you could get the MC which gives multi-console support.


It’s usually a $50 mod, but for a ps3 stick to be modded to work on 360, it usually cost a little more because its more work. A 360 pad has to be hacked and stuff like that. Its a little cheaper to buy an xbox te stick and have it modded to work on ps3 with a cthulhu board.


ohhh ok I thought it was cheaper to do ps3 to 360. How much is a 360 to ps3 mod? Thanks.


I know AJtheMishima (he’s a reputable seller here) charges about $50, but thats just the labor. You still have to pay for the parts though. The cthulhu board is $20 unassembled, then you have to pay for the switch whether you use an IMP or a dpdt switch… Probably will cost with labor, parts shipping around $90 total.