(price check) mas stick - super mint condition

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would know how much these sticks runs for nowadays??
Since MAS Systems completely went out of business awhile back. I would surely think this is super rare and hard to find now.

NO PICS YET (WILL POST ONE UP ASAP if anyone is seriously interested)

RARELY Used MAS Stick. Still works like if it was Brand New. I had this for awhile. Played on it no more than 5 times total. And I just wanna sell it off already.
Full Black casing. Purple sides(left and right ends)
PS/PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube(Dont ask lol) Controller wires.
Perfect 360 Stick.
8 Buttons layout.
Colorful Convex Buttons.

Thanks in advance guys. :karate: