Price Check: Nuby SF 15th pads

How much are these worth brand new?

The price of 2:

Got lucky one day and found one at gamestop used for $8.

Used without box ~$25 - $15.

Used with box ~$25 - ~35.

New with box prob. ~$50.

All estimates based on my own searching abilities.

i see them go on ebay for around $10 boxed

Links? I just searched ebay and posted the result I found.

I’d be interested in one or two if they are for that price.


NVM, had some options selected on accident.

Yeah… saw some from $10 - $20 on ebay.

I just snapped up the Chun Li version on ebay for $19.75 shipped.

Wow. I can get pretty much any version for $15 at my local store. I’m quite surprised that they aren’t rare or anything.

I picked up an Akuma version for $10 today. It’s still sealed. Apparently they aren’t rare in America either… oh well. Guess I won’t be buying more of them. Might as well open this…

They are kinda rare because they don’t sell them in some stores in America. You can’t find any were I live.
neg rep again just for posting this comment, gave me a break people.