(Price Checks) MAS Stick - Super Mint Condition


Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would know how much these sticks runs for nowadays??
Since MAS Systems completely went out of business awhile back. I would surely think this is super rare and hard to find now.
So I would think this will go for more than $120+

NO PICS YET (WILL POST ONE UP ASAP if anyone is seriously interested)

RARELY Used MAS Stick. Still works like if it was Brand New. I had this for awhile. Played on it no more than 3 times total. And I just wanna sell it off already.
Full Black casing. Purple sides(left and right ends)
PS/PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube(Dont ask lol) Controller wires. (All Black wires)
Perfect 360 Stick.
8 Buttons layout.
Colorful Convex Buttons.

Thanks in advance guys.