PRICE DROP-FOR SALE-Sega New Astro City Candy Cabinet SO CAL

I am selling my Sega New Astro City candy cabinet. This is a great addition to any Arcade, and is JAMMA ready.

**I am asking $500 OBO

**This is for local pick up only, sorry but I do not have the means or knowledge to ship this.
The NAC is in great condition, the screen has a little bit of burn in but it’s not noticeable when you are playing a game. Fully loaded with brand new Sanwa parts, 2L/12B.

Just to note, the control panel, and the panel for the PCB (in the first pic, it is off of the cab) do not have locks, but I will provide you with a big bag of locks and keys that match the other locks on the cab for free, so you can put them on or take them off.

Control Panel is used, but it looks good, for the really picky though I would suggest buying a new one, but I cleaned the heck out of this one and it looks decent. The bottom of the bezel could use a repaint, but it’s not to bad, it really only shows up in the light, you can see it well in this picture because of the flash. The screen looks fantastic, very bright and vibrant, the sound is great to.

This is a great cab, and I wanted to go over everything so people know what they are getting. There is a weird JVS/Naomi connector in there that could be taken out, but I haven’t messed with it, I have just left it in there and it’s not an issue. It’s a big gray PSU on the inside, I can take a pic if requested.

I live in zip code 90703, Cerritos, CA. Technically its LA county, and its only 30 minutes from downtown LA, about 20 minutes from Huntington Beach, only 45 minutes from Corona, and 2 hours from San Diego. I live right next to the 605 freeway only a few minutes from these freeways: 5, 405, 91, 60, 10.

Contact me immediately if you are interested! I need cash!!!

Here is the burn in I was talking about, it’s not to bad unless the cabinet is off, then you can see it. You can see it in some of the pictures above because of the flash, but when you are playing the game you don’t notice it at all:

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price dropped to $500 OBO

Nice cabinet, if you can ship to Montreal, Canada…

Can the machine take quarters or is it yen? And if yen, is it possible to convert it to take just quarters?