PRICE DROP: Virtua Stick High Grade FS

Hey guys, I’m posting a stick FOR A FRIEND, not mine. If you’re interested PM me and I’ll get you his information.

It’s a VSHG. It’s in absolutley perfect condition. Like new. I can vouch for this as it used to be mine, I sold it to him. Neither of us really used it. It comes with everything if you got it new. The stick itself, paperwork, packaging (plastic bag, padding), and box.

VSHG: $155 Shipped.

Here are some pics:

Picz of the fightstick?

Sure, I’ll post pics in the morning.

That’s a steal for the MC Cthulhu TE. Saw you at one of my tourneys a few times and haven’t heard from you since haha. All the same, good luck with the sale.

Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll try harder to make it to more tournaments.

Updated OP with pictures

Oh god. I need more cash.

Paying for school/bills sucks.

Free bump

Oh yeah, whoever gets the sixaxis also gets a SNES controller wired up to work with it. Nothing like using a SNES controller on a PS3.

Updated OP

Still for sale.

Everything sold, more to come.

Updated OP with new stuff.

Is the plexi for that norris stick a 6-button, or an 8-button?

It looks like a 6 but I can’t be sure.

It’s 6 button.

nice! i’m sure someone will grab the norris quick. Good luck.

Urgh. I would totally snatch that Norris up if I had the cash. Hell, I would grab both for that matter. Anyway, good luck on the sale…:sad:

Prices dropped.

Updated OP with additional picture of what comes with Norris.


pm sent

Norris SOLD.