Price Drop/WTS -Namco PS1 stick - Hori EX2 Xbox 360 -X360 SF Anniversary-Byrdo PS1/2 Happ-SE buttons



PS1/PS2 Namco Tekken 2 arcade stick. It’s the slim gray one with yellow buttons.

It’s in great shape and tested.

Asking $95 shipped in the United States, obo.

xbox 360 Hori Fight Stick EX2 arcade stick.

It’s in great shape and tested.

Asking $60 shipped in the United States, obo.

Nubytech SF Street Fighter 15th Anniversary arcade stick.

Xbox 360/Happ parts. I bought it off somebody here maybe 3 years ago. Does not come with box.

The PCB has issues. Fighting games will not recognize the buttons correctly for some reason. Some buttons will not be recognized, or will not be mapped correctly in game. Like if I map something to RH, then mk won’t work. Something weird is going on, but I cannot figure out what the problem is or how to fix it. If you can figure out what is going on, this is a good deal for you.

It has a happ stick installed. 6 button button payout (first 2 are plugged), the black happ convex buttons. Sticks and buttons are new. The box (top, bottom and sides) and the top plexi is in really good shape. There are some nicks on the bottom of the box. The cord cover is there as well. It’s in pretty good shape overall. It has been sitting in storage and not played on.

Asking $90 shipped obo.

playstation PS1/PS2 arcade stick with happ parts, it was made by Byrdo. It has been lightly used. 6 button layout.

It has a PSOne pcb installed. It has a happ competition stick with a hard spring. Has 6 convex happ competition buttons. There are some light scratches on the sides of the case. Normal wear and tear. It is a small compact box, pretty heavy. Has a padded felt bottom. It has a plexi top with Ninja Scroll artwork.

width 11 in
length 8 1/2 in
height 3 1/8 in

Asking $80 shipped obo.

Seimitsu PS-14-G - 30mm Snap ins - slightly used. Maybe a couple hours at most.

I have 6 yellow ones, Looking for $14 shipped.

Nike Dunk Low Classic - Size 14. Dark Blue/White

Asking $40 shipped. They were worn only once. There is slight toe crease. Comes with the box.

Just need to start selling off my stuff to pay bills.

I am in SoCal.

Gonna add more stuff later.


Sold Items:

PCBs to BartStation.
PS3 TE to juanpawnee
Seimitsu LS 32 01 joystick to YellowCan
XBox 360 TE is sold
SF Nubytech Anniversary xbox 360 stick is sold
Happ sticks and buttons are sold
Sanwa dark blue, Red, Yellow balltops are sold
Seimitsu bubbletop clear balltop is sold
Seimitsu/Sanwa screw ins are sold
Marvel 2 TE is sold
LB 45 ball top sold
Dual Modded TE R1 is sold
Samurai Shodown 1 and 2 sold to MezzoForte


is it possible to just buy the ball top and not the whole joystick?


Lowered the price on the LS stick and the PCBs.


Added Madcatz Round 1 tournament edition sticks (360 and PS3)


Pm sent




Are u willing to sell the te rd 1 ps3 top panel by itself


Sorry I can’t, don’t want to open the box up. thx.


Added a lot that consists of 2 happ ultimate sticks and 12 concave buttons.

Sold the PS3 TE. 360 one is still available.


Is the Seimitsu LS 32 01 still available.


Added a size 14 pair of Nike dunks.

Sold the Seimitsu stick.


Just received the stick I was a little worried when I saw the stick half disassembled but the e-clip just fell off during shipping. Nice doing business with you.


Lowered the price on the 360 TE. Added a SF Anniversary stick that’s happ modded for xbox 360. And a Lunar Silver Star Story Ghaleon Puppet.


Dropped prices on everything.


What is the price for your stick now? If you dropped it to 100 or less I’ll buy it right now. Must be shipped. Live in VA


Sorry. Sold the 360 TE. Removed it. Added a dual modded (360/PS3) TE Round 1, for sale. Dropped the xbox 360 SF anniversary stick to 110 shipped.


Dropped the xbox 360 SF anniversary stick to 100 shipped


lowered the dual modded TE1 to 160. Added various new and used Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons. Sold the SF anniversary stick. Updated 1st post.


added 5 ball tops for sale in the op. yellow, dark blue, red, clear bubble top, and 45 fatty red.


How much for the ball tops if i pick them up