Price / Interest check on a variety of Saturn controllers

Heyas all! I was doing a bit of spring cleaning over the weekend and found a bunch of old Saturn stuff, so I thought I’d post them here. I really don’t know how much any of them are worth, aside from the JP-style Saturn pad (2nd one in the top row) which seems to be a favorite from what I’ve heard.

I have two of both the Superpad 8 and the Nakitek pads, by the way.

Is there any interest on these? Also, does anyone have an roundabout figure on what they go for?

Thanks in advance! :tup:

I’d say that each of the 3rd party controllers go for about $3-4 each only. The Model 2 controller and the 3D controller would each probably go for $8-10 and the stick, maybe $12

I maybe able to work something out with you, right now I am excruciatingly busy, but I am interested in the model 2, the 3d, and the joystick, if you don’t get any firm offers, hold em for me please :slight_smile: for like a week or 2.