Price poll, seimitsu and other parts

I have 7 of these coming in and maybe more in the future. Also have 5 sanwas coming in. joysticks come with mounting plate but no wire harness (which is perfectly useless IMO) Also have a bunch of sanwa buttons coming in and a select number of round, square, rectangular etc illuminated pushbuttons.

so, I’m basically thinking of selling this stuff here. What do you guys think is a fair price?

edit: BTW i’ll start selling this stuff the 14th which is when I get back from china with the parts. Only limited quantities. If it goes well, I place a large (~1000USD) order and sell more.

Check out the prices that Ponyboy and the others selling in this forum use and if you want to be competitive, make yours cheaper.

I’m actually looking for a set of the Sanwas with the long microswitch, maybe I’ll get back at you.


mags, i have some used long microswitches if you’re interested. But on some of them there is a noticeable difference. they’re OOP now so you can’t get them fresh out of the factory anymore.

I know that pony boy also sells and i know a bunch of other sellers. I want to poll the community though on what would be a fair price. Plus I have no reference for the seimitsus. I’m thinking 20+ship each right now (total would be about 23)

Well sells Sanwa JLF and Seimetsu LS32 for 24.95 And that comes with the harness.

So $20 +shipping sounds like a pretty good deal IMO.

How much for buttons?

I was thinking 2/each. That way, ponyboy has lower prices on joystick but i’ll have lower prices on buttons. I’m not trying to run anyone out of business here. I have yet to completely calculate the profits though so that’s a very guestimated price.

If those sticks are just JLF’s without the harness and you plan on giving them a disscounted price then I might be interested in taking one or two of them off of you once you decide on a price. I can always throw the parts I would need to make a harness on a digikey order in the future.

Edit: Nevermind, at $20+shipping I think I am better off just ordering one like normal, because by the time I order the right color ball top I would be spending just as much.

Chipper, good shit on selling Jap parts. I always need parts and since you’re local that would be dope. Hit me up as soon as they arrive.