Priceless Street Fighting advice

“Be careful! Blanka’s electricity makes him dangerous to grab!”

nice info, but I knew them all.


True, but I’m still pissed at them for not posting how to do the damn moves until 3-4 months after the game came out in arcades. Gamepro delivered the goods, for once with the sf-sfce guide. Took us forever on our own to learn how to fuckin’ dragon punch (“ohhh, you bitch!”), and the hurricane kick was done by doing consectutive 360’s while jamming on the kick buttons. Fireball (“the blue shit”) was a damn half circle. Charge moves were figured out very quickly, on the other hand…only everyone charged for 5-6 seconds for Sonic Booms (“Let it through”) and “razorblade kicks”. lol


::head explodes::

more quotes plz or i’ll attack with my unblockble sweep!

Sir, I would like to direct you to the post above yours. See what happens when too things happen too fast? I’ll bet you’re the type that goes into the pool directly after eating as well.

sigh Oh well, what do I care? Here are some more, but don’t come running to me when your skull cracks like an overripe melon!

Re: Balrog’s LK Punch: “A sophisticated move for experts only.”

Re: Balrog’s Headbutt: “Don’t try this move on Blanka, who enjoys biting an opponent’s face and head.”

Re: Ryu’s “Ha-Do-Ken” (sic): “Move the D-pad around quickly to make this maneuver.”

And if all of this weren’t enough, there’s actually a section of this strategy guide entitled “How To Use This Strategy Guide” (which contains the soon-to-be-classic line “KNUCKLE ATTACK” in huge bursts). Apparently in 1994, these types of tomes were so rare that the authors had to include a special section divulging precise details on how to go about reading them. Interestingly enough, this is the same section that warns readers about the perils of trying Street Fighter moves on real-life people.

One of this book’s editor…probably related to Gamepro’s Feline Groovy.

Lol, what the hell? Seems like they just made stuff up as they went along.

This book is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. Here’s another:

“Take advantage of Dee Jay’s long legs in close combat situations by using Hard Kicks from a distance.”

Let that one soak in for a moment.

god i wish i didnt read this at work im laughing my ass off. and eveyones like wtf?

Vader: “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

“To hit your opponent, you must press the buttons in far enough to make the move come out. Failing to do so could result in the move not working properly.”

Why you think i got into the book writing business? cause this shit they were shoveling outta their front door was so bad it made me wanna cry. I put the ‘strategy’ in strategy guide back in the day =) But no one really knows this little bit of video game history.

One of the guys at evo west had a copy of my first strategy guide i wrote, the super/super turbo guide. Brady and Prima had to step it up and add strategy to their guides after Versus books started taking their business. Its really too bad matt and i had a falling out cause of his greed, otherwise his company quite possibly could have flourished, i had alot of ideas for success. Versus books went bankrupt.

I wonder if I can find this gem of a book anywhere.

haha. man i loled irl.

Dear lord, I gotta say that was some funny shit. Thanks. :slight_smile:

LOL OMFG!!!1 I have that as my wallpaper now. Funny as shit! Somebody pos rep this guy!

So thats how you do it.
takes notes

It’s hard to keep things in perspective these days, but it’s important to remember how huge stuff like the SFA2 guide was back in the day. Pages upon pages of actual, useful strategy for every character and every situation, while other rags were still shitting out lines like “Pro-tip: When your opponent jumps, Dragon Punch them out of the air!”

Pro-tip: If you’re a gamer in this day and age, and you still lend any credence to the dipshits who wrote “strategy” before the real guys came along, the only way to win is to die in a fire.

Something tells me the dude from the top secret Genesis SF2 tape was involved in the creation of that strategy guide…