PriceVQuality Stick?

I’m looking for a price vs quality deal on a fightstick. I want to use it for SSFIVAE on PC, so I’m looking for an xbox 360(xinput) fightstick. Thanks a lot for the help.

My my opinion the PS3 or PC sticks work better that Xbox 360 sticks with some exceptions like older PS3 Mad Catz TE sticks. But Xbox 360 Sticks are typically easier to dual-mod.
[edit] scratch that I forgot about your other thread.

What is your budget?
Do you have any preferences?

Good choices for sticks are usually decked out in Sanwa or Seimitsu Parts, but Korean parts are becoming more popular as well.

If you keep your eyes peeled, we often announce sales and deals on various sticks. MarkMan is very good about that with Mad Catz sticks as he does represent MadCatz.

A good commercial Arcade stick normally nets $150 and up, you missed a sale that some of those $150 were selling for $80.

Also swing by the What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting. thread and read the reviews on Page 1

Wait for EVO, there will be a sale for sure.

Or if you don’t want to wait, a Qanba Q4 bang for your buck I’d say if your’e on a budget want a dual modded stick out of box.

Cheapest Sanwa stick is fine for most people. You can usually find them for $100 or lower.

Don’t confuse current pricing of some sticks with their original market price.

I like to go by the original market price as a measure to gauge the value of the stick against its current sales price.

I think the mlg te stick is still 100 pretty much everywhere plus shipping/tax. That’s a good budget high quality stick. Edit: Nvm it appears to be sold out. Madcatz is still selling their scv for pretty cheap.

thanks a lot for the reccomendation guys. The Soul calibur one looks pretty good price wise.

It’s probably at the top of my list for price vs quality efficiency personally.

I Got 2 MCZ SCV sticks for 50 euros each. And just got one from Hori out of ebay for 51 Euros, still waiting for it to be shipped. Today a MCZ SCV stick in sold for under 40 Euros shipped.

I would definitely check used sticks. It seems many people buy them and just give up on playing and sell them.

Guess somehow the SCV is hugely underrated. It’s quite common to see it going for less than 100 new, and quality wise it’s at least as good as any TE or similar stick. Though n Germany the MCZ website has only TES+ sticks now. All the rest has been sold. I would say grab your SCV soon, cause they might be preparing for the next gen and the onld sticks might just begin to get harder to find…