Pricing jobs

i know there is a book called “the etical pricing guide for illustrators” or something.

i can’t find it.

does anyone know what i should charge for a guys that wants me to make a newspaper ad for him.

he wants a black and white illustration, specifically a cartoon called "dating guy"
at some point he wants like 6 different ones, all in different “akward” dating situations, but just wants one for now.

i figure between sketches, to ink i can prob do it in a few hours (3-6) depending on size and detail.

then maybe another hour or two to put the whole thing together w/ type in photoshop.

one guy i talked to said i should tell him 200 bucks from start to finish, and tell him if he decides to make it a series the 2nd-5th will be 150.

also, i was gonna send him some sketches of what "dating guy: might look like.

should those sketches be freebies, or do i charge for them?

charging is a bitch. what you should be getting is roughly 250 to 350 for a spot drawing in black and white. as far as sketches they usually dont count towards the final art unless your doing sketches for all six drawing hoping he would buy them all, then you should be charging for each drawing done.

From my experience, $250-300+ is a little high if you aren’t already an established artist. If you just met this person informally, then 150-200 is a more reasonable estimate if you end up doing only the one piece. And no, charging for sketches is not regularly done except under unusual circumstances.