Pride/Character Loyalty: Is It Worth It?


My golden rule (mainly for fighting games) is that, “No characters are necessarily *cheap, *and that you are (obviously) free to use any character you wish.” I do believe and follow this rule, as in trying not to get salty after losing to someone using high tier characters, it’s just **very, very frustrating **and difficult. Now my team itself isn’t *low tier *(Viper, Spencer, Doom), it’s just incredibly difficult to keep up with people using the more popular characters like Wesker, Zero, Strider, Vergil, Dante, etc. These teleport mix-ups, the long reach, the high damage and speed, the match-ups are ridiculous!

Now, aiming more towards the topic. I feel like a player is based on the level of skill (their ability to actually play the game), and when I use a combo-heavy team whether its the team described above, or a team like (Mags, Doom, Ammy), and then you lose from these easy hit confirms, it’s like you’ve been robbed from a match; players who use these lock-down assists with teleports are nearly impossible to block, making it easier for them to win, while the other person is trying their hardest just trying not to get perfected…

So I ask this, is sticking to your “guns” and straying away from these characters worth it? Is it worth making a match more difficult for yourself to win? F*ck pride, and just start counter-picking? What does SRK think?


Proud Strange main since day 1 says it is definitely worth it as long as you have patience. There is no better feeling than reverse-OCVing an entire team of top tiers with the little guy at the back of my team. A close second is dominating an entire match with only Strange and assists.

Sure, the road isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, there is only one law that remains true. Players win games - not characters.


My main team is Firebrand/Wolverine/Sentinel. I know that it has weaknesses but those are my favorite characters and I would rather wade through tough match-ups than use people I don’t really want to use. Also I understand that every character has some sort of weak spot (except Zero). For example Vergil doesn’t normally have an air dash and he can’t use his teleport in the air. So he’s actually most vulnerable by being snapped in, being pinned with a lockdown assist from the ground and you jumping above him and using an air move so that he can’t use J.S.


My main team is Wright/Haggar/Doom. Like firebranded said just really love this team and the chars. This might be egotistical of me but it just feels rewarding winning with wright then winning with most of the high tier chars.

Also Cougar reminds me I need to start learning Doctor strange been meaning too.


I’d rather play with characters because I like them and not because they’re “cheap”, “OP”, or “easy to win with”.


If you can hit confirm 100% of the time then it doesn’t matter how easy or how hard it is for your opponent to do the same.

If you ever blame a loss on “easy” characters, then it’s clear you haven’t mastered your own characters well enough.


I say counterpick. For instance, I love Morrigan, but I understand that Morridoom can’t beat some of the higher tier teams. Not everyone is ChrisG or JWong where they’re just so fundamentally sound and naturally talented that they can overcome any match-up. I’ll still continue to practice playing my team against characters I feel beat it, but if it were going to come down to a tourny match I’d probably counterpick.


It would be better to pick better characters who have options for most situations, but the way I see it, if i have to play characters I’m not interested in, then the game loses some of its “fun” factor to me. You should just play whoever you like, but you should also remember to have counter picks ready for any of those tough match ups that your main team can’t handle.


It’s only worth it if your character can win.


I play Ghost Rider. Not fucking worth it.


If winning makes you the happiest then pick top tier for more immediate results. I prefer characters I like that you have to find techniques with. Sometimes you can pick a really good character that compliments your fan favorite. In that case, just mix and match. There are viable uses for every character in this game, so nobody’s favorite should be irrelevent. Example: Hsien-Ko and Phoenix Wright… lowest on most tier list but bring good to great assist to the team.


Nicholas Cage profile pic? Haha, very befitting.


I’m not sure why you would switch your team. Magneto/doom/ammy is about as good as is gets. To stay on topic though, I feel like people forget what character loyalty means in this game. You can effectively make a team built around your favorite character and see results. That is the way to go about it rather than make some stupid team with no neutral assists and just throw 3 characters you like on it like royal flush’s team.


I have character loyalty to Zero. It’s worth it.

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You’re just rubbing it in aren’t you…


I wish I could be, I have switched between like 20 different characters in this game. Only Zero has consistently stayed (I guess that’s not a bad thing, so I guess I am rubbing it in).

The thing is you can pick whoever you want in this game and if you put them with 2 ridiculous enough characters you’ll be fine. Right now I’m playing Zero/Dante/Strange and it’s amazing.


Depends on how much you care about the game. Just as long as you don’t become a low-tier hero.

To slightly deviate from this topic…

No characters are cheap? I don’t think I get what you mean there…


I’m running Strange/Doom/Hawkeye. My favorite character being Strange. Hawkeye is fun to use as well though.

There have been times when I’ve lost and wanted to switch teams, especially since I can use other higher tier characters (Dormammu, Dante, Wesker, Spencer,etc). I always end up going right back to my main team though, it’s just more fun to play.

I honestly believe that it depends on each individuals will power as to whether or not they can stick to a team. Losing to Vergil/Dante/Wesker and then getting taunted+teabagged is a test in itself, if you can stick to your main team and not have the urge to switch to higher tier characters then your will is strong.

Does sticking with your favorite characters pay off? Sometimes I guess. The characters you are currently using will pay off PrototypeKH, they’re all high tier and very good once mastered.

If you’re getting annoyed with people using top tier characters that are easier to use then yours, I suggest training.


That hit me hard, but you’re right. My cousin and I were having a discussion yesterday on how you can only get so good with a character (High Damage Bnbs, good movement [Or keep away, if that’s your thing], etc.), after that, it’s really up to the player and how they approach each and every individual match. I feel like once you’ve gotten the right feel of your characters, sort of to the point where you can combo off of any type of hit confirm, all that’s left is “how are you going to fight against (character)? Are there certain things you need to look out for?” This sort of question poses more on the player’s mind/strategy than the player’s character’s capabilities.


My favorite video game character is Zero and my 2nd favorite character in MVC3 is Dante. How unlucky I am …
SSBM Favorite = Falco/Marth (played Falco/Marth)
SSF4 Favorite = Ibuki/Cammy
Marvel 2 = Ruby Heart
BlazBlue = Ragna

Never had a bad favorite character expect for Ike in SSBB. I am maining Akihiko in Persona, so we’ll see.

But yeah, character loyalty is worth. It’s a game after all.