Prima Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Guide

Just wondering if any1 has this yet? If so it is worth getting?

BTW-have the japs made a brawl mook yet?:confused:

Don’t get it. I skimmed through it at a Best Buy one day and the strategies they gave are stupid. They act like B is the only button you’ll ever need to use. :confused:


garbage… not worth it useless do NOT get it

You can use it as make shift toilet paper when you run out of the real stuff.

Really Really Really Bad Guide.

Even if it WAS a good guide, why pay for it when you can get actual useful strats and info on SRK and SWF for free?

And who buys strategy guides for fighting games anyway?

Legend speaks of strategy guides of great power, like the fabled Alpha 2 guide…

Other than that, I haven’t heard of a useful fighting game guide, they usually suck.

I have it [yea so what you wanna fight about it].

it’s useless, but do have a nice poster.

A friend of mine has it and it is retarded. They ranked Sheik over Zelda :rofl:

Your already on the best strategy guide…internets.

But this is not Gamefaqs. DOH!

The 3s/Hyper guide that came out a few years ago was dope.

Yeah, that’s a really shitty guide, but it’s good if you want to speedrun Subspace Emissary. I got 100% because of it.

What about for people who have never really played Smash before (such as myself) who don’t understand all the terminology and stuff commonly used on teh internets?

tl, there are glossaries and whatnot. You just gotta look around a bit… Or even ask if you’re not scared of the big bad internet vets calling you names instead of being helpful. Around here it’d probably be relatively safe to ask about stuff.

Yeah I have no problem asking people on SRK about stuff, it’s just nice to have something decent to read on the toilet heh. I don’t like bringing my laptop there in fear off dropping it in lol.

I’ll buy a strategy guide for a fighting game if I see that someone from SRK, TZ, or VFDC was the main author. I can then at least hope that I’m helping the community.

Wasn’t the SF:AC guide good to have on hand for instant ref of all the frame data?

Even if it was, it is indeed the exception to the rule. Don’t buy guides!

Smash bros doesn’t have frame data. Its all based off of magic.