Primal Rage 2


The game looks pretty good but obviously very little is known about the mechanics and the game in general. Is there any roms coming out soon and how can we get this game distributed?


They would have to dump the rom. Someone has to jack them.


Hopefully someone does it soon.

Anyways until someone does how do you guys think this game will play like?


This game has been in Mame set forever, Probably the exact same board that was used in the dump.


There’s been a rom forever but no one can crack the encryption.


So these guys either cracked it or got a leak somehow? Someone needs to jack them.


Uhh…brb going to Metal Gear Solid this.

Seriously, I want a new Primal Rage game to play so bad. I have the Genesis version being shipped to me.


No they have the actual board. Not a ROM. An emulator has to be able to run the encryption in order to run the game. The board has the encryption.


I wish someone was able to copy that board.

Granted I have no idea about the quality of this game but it seems fairly solid from just a casual observation. The combo engine seems very similar to a ST game and the overall feel of the game feels a lot like a ST game in terms of the simplicity of the game mechanics.


I asked questions on the Galloping Ghost Arcade stream. According to them it is a fairly complete game, and I was impressed with the character mechanics. Basically everyone on the roster has 3 forms: human (that can into a God for a super combo), God (that can turn into a human for a super combo) and a version that can freely morph between human and God. It is a shame it never had an official release, I worked at a resort that had the original Primal Rage in the arcade room and I loved it in all its broken glory.


Is there meter usage?

Anyone this guy can be convinced to share this game?


Galloping Ghost is really close to me, next time I go there I’ll definitely try it out.


From what I seen in the stream, the only use for meter is for super combos. It is playable at Galloping Ghost. Due to the same encryption/anti-piracy methods from the original Primal Rage, there appears to be no other way to play it. It’s strange how Atari was ahead of their time in protecting their products.


In other words there is no way to replicate this game for downloads…fuck!


It’s not the same encryption hell it’s different hardware using a mips processor similar to the original playstation. If it was the same it would be working to some extent. The original was Motorola 68000 based.

No, Atari was not ahead of the time arcade games are usually encrypted to prevent bootlegs. CPS2 and CPS3 games you see used on GGPO were at one time non-playable only reason they got decrypted early in arcade emulation was cause of popularity.

Also, nobody really wants to work on a encryption that only is done on one game on it’s own special board.


Ah, I wish I could play that game and try to break it.


This game looks great. I didn’t much like the first Primal Rage but I think I would’ve enjoyed this if it had come out…