Primal Rage Dedicated Super Gun (cabinet-less cabinet?) Work-In-Progress


(I wrote this long thing because I know people will see that title and instantly think “wtf why would you even do that for THAT game” so I wanted to delve into it some)

Yo! Some of yall might remember me, it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted here (2 years). After SF5 came out I just fell off with fighting games, and most games for some reason, I lost drive. Make of that what you will lol. But recently I’ve been playing a lot of Primal Rage. I’ve had an arcade board for a while. its basically sat and collected dust. It doesnt really want to work with my Supergun (low +5). I could’ve worked on it to accompany the larger board maybe but whats the fun in practicality???

I had the idea to make a supergun just for Primal Rage.

I mean of all the fighters that would be actually practical to do, PR makes sense because basically the only 100% arcade perfect way to play the game. The Saturn version has input problems (I finally realized this recently, I’ll delve into it somewhere on the internet one day because its one hell of an anomaly to me). The PS1 version while being true to the gameplay of the arcade has frames missing, heftly load times, and other smaller weird differences. The Midway Arcade Treasures 2 release has different inputs (no holding buttons) but since I’ve got used to them its my preferred method, and difference in speed (tho tbh if any of you are interested in PRage its probably the best option, get the xbox vers, for a more og experience id go PS1).

and yeah theres the whole Copyright Encryption that the OG programmers never broke to make it 100% emulatable which effects the MAT2 version in smaller ways while affecting the MAME version A LOOOOT (seriously look up footage and see falling on air).

So yeah. I could wait on a cabinet for cheap, but arcade cabinets take up a lot of room (I have one and cant have it in my living space at the moment), and also money. so I figured if I could buy a control panel, used a video converter, made a case n all, I’d basically have a cabinet without as much wood and a crt which I already got.
I also got the original marquee, and the panel came with the bezel, so it made even more sense to me anyway.

I started sketchin ideas for how I wanted to do it:

after I got an idea in my head how it’d look I made a mockup in Photoshop:

I started to design the actual “blueprint” of how I’d make it since I havent really built a case before:

Also decided I could add the marquee seperately since its not really a crucial part of the build and cant be built later or removed:

Got the CP, put in all the buttons and joysticks (red and yellow iL’s to liven it up visually).

INTERESTING NOTE: The holes can totally fit japanese screw in buttons so that might happen if I get to where I’m not really feeling the Happ ones. but I wanted it to feel somewhat close to an OG cab. I’ll think about it.

Then I got to actually building it to the point it is now, with MDF (also wired up tested the PCB beforehand to make sure it still worked):

Got the sides cut then put in the bottom. put the board in to started figuring how I’m gonna place everything:

And that’s all I got for now, wired up one side of the controls and played thru a few times just a minute ago, I’ll update with more as I get more done, feels good to be back in these here parts of the internet :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


I remember playing Primal Rage in the arcades back in my high school days; I can’t say I was anywhere near a dedicated fan, but I’ve always been bugged that there’s no 100% accurate way to play it nowadays, even with emulation and all.

Always been a fan (conceptually) of doing things for arcade games that aren’t “releasable” nowadays (SF: The (Van Damme) Movie and the CPS2 Aliens vs Predator come to mind).

Is the CP the actual one from the stand-up arcades? You mentioned that you can “could buy a control panel”, but you didn’t go into more detail than that.


Yup! indeed it is. these were the ones they used for their dedicated cabs. has a hinge at the bottom too so it easily folds out for access. But the only thing i had to add was some spacers for the joysticks because I like them set slightly lower (its just flat metal underneath). so I chopped some pieces out of skateboard deck scraps and drilled em, perfect height :ok_hand:

one for SF: The Movie would be pretty amazing. I want get a board of it someday! I need to boot that in Mame more. I know the arcade game was way different and more insane than the 32 bit port


Awesome. Love it when people use official control panels for projects at home.
I’m surprised you say that the buttons can take Japanese screw-ins; Japanese buttons are 30mm in diameter while Happ/IL buttons are ~28mm (1 1/8"). Unless the button holes are oversized for the American-style buttons as-is already?

Not to derail the thread too much, but yes, the SF: The Movie arcade version was very different than the home (PS1 and Saturn) versions. The home versions were (and I’m generalizing here) essentially Super Turbo’s gameplay style reskinned with the movie graphics and with the new characters and moves. The arcade version had all sorts of fun juggles and stuff (my family tends to describe it as “Street Fighter characters with a Mortal Kombat engine”).


I was surpised as well figurin the same thing. I actually ordered the buttons after ordering the panel figuring they’d be small to just fit 28mm. but i tried some japanese buttons and I think its even larger than 30mm hence screw ins needing to be used.

Yeah I’m definetly gonna have to play it more. I played it once or twice. definetly more interesting than the home port. But I mean I guess theres still Captain SAWADA and his amazing hara kiri attack where the oppenents are damaged by his blood.

To bring it back thats what I love about PRage. Its got juggles, chains, command throws, 3 different jumps, a very loose flexible combo system, its just a crazy game when you get in tune with its unique-ness lol



Subscribed inmediately!


I have many questions! XD

What do you use to convert the image to a crt tv? (Or is a cab monitor?)

Uhmmmm that cpo… do you happen to have the art scanned? XD

Also, yes, the xbox MAT2 version is the best for serious play. The PC version has the restored classic inputs btw.

PSone is WAY off in the combo side of things and is missing so many frames (and that constant loading, ugh).

Can I share your pics and link to this thread on our FB PR group? (A pair of the original programmers are in there and are really chill)

Keep us updated!


Thought you might! Thanks for bein one of the few thats keepin PR’s light alive!

And I have some video converters for arcade, HDMI and Composite/S-Video. Think I’ll run with the S-video tho, looks great and I use a CRT.

I actually got the CPO as is :smile: was probably the most expensive part of this

I think I like the arcade better than the MAT2 version. I know theres speed differences because I remember theres new combos available in that version (Sauron’s vicious LP combo ability lol).

Yeah I’ve tried running the DOS port and I did once or twice but DOSbox just makes it hassle for me lol. (and dat music woof)

PS1 is definetly gimped but I’ve played it alot lately and as far as gimped PS1 fighting ports go I’ve played worse haha (Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer OOF)

and dood yes of course!


Haha I meant for PC the midway Arcade treasures Deluxe. Is the same performance of the Xbox version BUT with the classic special inputs.

Yes, CPO is quite expensive online, as well as other PR itens, like the comics (Im missing number 4 yaaaaahhhh)

Thx for replying!


Whaaaaaat! I had no idea I might have to grab that!

Yeah it was one I’d seen online for a while but it was lil much so I sent an offer and the seller accepted, I accepted a chunk of it because its big and not light so a good amount on shipping lol.

I really want one of those necrosan figures one day. but I’m good with a 12in Sauron figure lol.


I TOTALLY forgot to add that, in the MAT pc PR version, you can swap the music files with anyithing you like! because they are just .wav.

What I did was rip the psx ost and just rename the files accordingly to the ones of the PR mat version.

What a difference that makes, with a good subwoofer!


I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted japanese buttons after figuring out that they can fit in the panel. They definetly do look better. But after playing for a while between 1p and 2p sides with american and japanese. I actually like the concave Happs more for primal rage with how holding buttons work. Gonna have to buy some new microswitches tho because the ebay seller I got em from gave some trash ones.

But yeh if theres someone out there who likes primal rage, has a cab, and wants to convert to japanese parts itd be fairly simple to do (theres mounting adapters for joysticks. You wouldnt need a longer shaft or exstension either.)


Ok heres an update where I’m at with the case building. So. iv modded sticks here and there. and close friends have suggested I make arcade sticks to sell. and then I have to tell them that I cant because I cant build cases. OBSERVE:

Ok so basically its crooked as hell because I was trying to make sure the side lined up right with the control panel. and it somewhat worked. I’ve never built a case before mainly because I’m very impatient. but trust me I got a solution for this eyesore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also cut the holes for these as you can see:

also cut the hole in the panel that will latch on top (and a PC fan to vent some of the heat out, i need to find a grill):

now for something less obscene, I got the plexi cut for the bezel. Also chopped up the bezel and restuck the peices to some poster board. the bezel I got with a package deal with the Control Panel. It was bent in the middle and ripped one side so I just used it for my panel.

now test fit with scotch tape (Ignore mismatched 2P buttons, I might actually go Seimitsu)


Awesome that you will go with Svideo!

BTW I have some good res scans of the bezel and marquee! Just let me find where did I uploaded them XD


Dude I love this project so much. If i were to ever make a supergun it would be for this game. Everything else is easily emulated.


yes! It looks so good! got some screen glitching going on some levels but i think its because Im using it on a LCD instead of my CRT for testing.


Exactly!! Its one of the last few fighting games you really need arcade board for. and its so big you might as well just go all out!


Hmmm I do remember some glitches even on a crt when using a supergun baaaack then. A MAS supergun.

I think it had to do with the copy protection?


That would be strange. All a supergun does is basically use inputs and outputs from the jamma connector (which primal rage isn’t actually 1 to 1 jamma since you have to pull sound from a different part of the board and the buttons are mapped differently, maybe that’s the glitches you are referring to?).


The issues feel more like hardware issue than software issue. I remember when I tested my first PR board (its dead now lol prolly need cap replacement), I tested it with the same video converter and it would flat out not work with the LCD im using right now, but plugged into my phillips CRT it looked grand.

and yee PR tried to make it where all the buttons would be thru the harness with no kick harness so they mapped start as button 1, then 3 button spaces as the rest 2-4

audio is good too :ok_hand: I had it plugged into a speaker when i was testing.


There is a way to get the audio using a cps1 kick harness through the audio board for easier setup for audio output so it doesnt have to be through actual arcade speakers. There are a couple YouTube videos on it. If I get the time I’ll post them on here. I’ve done a lot of research on this board without having it lol.