Primal Rage Dedicated Super Gun (cabinet-less cabinet?) Work-In-Progress

#21 this one explains it perfectly :slight_smile:


Yeeyee i actually have the harness already on my board so i get audio thru the jamma harness. Im gonna wire it to RCA composite.


Now the butt of this thing looks sliiightly better


If I ever get it I may do a bartop just by the inspiration from this


I almost wish I wouldve gotten my hands on one of the Arcade1up cabs before starting this project haha. who knows maybe I still will sometime. but the one I have now is for another project :eyes:

I’m gonna try finishing this one sometime soon. its starting to get cold haha.


So insane. Maybe not as insane as the Primal Rage Slide Projector. Joined forum just to post on this and subscribe.

Keep Rage Alive!



Thank you! (and iv lowkey thought about buying that)


Ok. So. I might be changing directions with this thing. So might have to change the title of this.
I stumbled upon something that wrecked my world view.

The arcade1up cab.

Original plan for this was to just have it to where I could hook up to the TV I have. and put it on some legs. But after tinkering with that tiny cab my aspirations have grown. I wondered if I should just get another 1up cab and convert it like my other side project I’m working on along side this. But it didnt make sense financially to throw away the work I’ve done.

So what if. wat if.
A custom sitdown Primal Rage cab???

basically with what I have, the hardest stuff is done. I just would have to make the base, and upper half to house the TV and marquee.


Maybe you can make something where you can slot it in and out so you have a choice between using it on tv and a cab. If I were you may want to look up blueprints for a cab instead of buying an arcade one up just to mod. Better quality wood for cheaper, you can put the screen you want to in it, and you dont have to worry about a board and cheap arcade parts that you have to figure out what to do with or sell or throw away. That’s just my opinion though.


Yeah I mean with this I basically have most of the unit ready to go (CP, art, etc) I just gotta have the rest of the wood and finish it out lol. I thought about the slot idea. I might think of something.


Yeah, I dunno about retrofitting an Arcade1up machine, since you already have the awesome stock CP already.

I’m going to second the “slot” idea, it’s something I sort of use for my custom arcade cabinet at home: the entire joystick and CP section is fully modular and slides out; controller PCBs are part of it as well as Neutrik ports, so it can be used as a standalone 2-player joystick set up.


Yeah! Use the original panel!

BTW it looks SICK with Sanwa Buttons!