Primal Rage

While I was cleaning out my closet full of old stuff, I stumbled into this game. I remember playing it but not alot. Can anyone give some insight on this game?

So yeah…it was a pretty fun game at the time.

Any infinites discovered for this game?

I’m sure there are infinites as i remember seeing mad damaging combos back in the day

I don’t remember much on that game other than the 4 button layout and the fatalities.

Oh, and that you can eat the cavemen :rofl:

heh yeah, and the game was odd cuz you held in the buttons and hit directions to do specials, that and the monkey farted

There are no infinites on the arcade version but there are plenty of 100% bs combos, for some weird reason the developers have damage amplify and damage buffer crossed in their minds

I don’t know about any other versions, but on Psx, That damn monkey with the spinning punches can get you in the corner, and every second hit from the windmill punch is unblockable, and due to shitty collision detection, he might as well be invincible. I tried to kill a friend for doing that to me. Literally. Even Talon’s Frenzy move couldn’t stop this or even counter-hit.

I could swear I played this on genesis.

I actually got into Primal Rage about 6 months ago, they have the arcade version on Midway Arcade Treasures 2 for PS2 and XBOX. I don’t know about any infinites either but simple bread and butter combos can do upwards of 30-40% life. Simple stuff cause Rage has lk, mk, hk, special and some specials launch so you can either land one heavy while launched or another special. And someone mentioned the 4 button layout, but if you hit both punches it is heavy punch and both kicks for heavy kick, so it still has 6 attacks.

Games weird, but definately pretty funny. The treasures 2 also has mk2 and 3 on it, as well as pit fighter lmfao.

Of course you did. This pos was on damn near every system that was available at the time: Gameboy, Snes, Genesis, Saturn, Psx, 3do, and Game Gear.

fond memorys of 17 plus hitters in the arcade with chaos and the words hackey sack apearing on the screen

**Dinosaur Fighting game. :smiley:

I actually liked it. With all the attacks they had…and the fatalities were bloody! :D**

Hackey Sack was cuz of all the humans juggled back and forth by both players, right? I remember a volleyball net rising from the ground, with humans as volleyballs…

on the cove level u could get that by batting guys back and forth a couple times and no hackey sack came up on screen if u did a big enough air combo
that and if u get 2 armadons to roll at eachother 3 times in a row at the same time humans will set up like bowling pins

Thats right, there are no Infinite combos for Primal Rage. The programers put in a weird combo limit and all combos will end at the 20th hit. There are exeptions to this and one of them is finishing in the 20th hit with the Ice geyser with blizzard. this will allows you to connect an extra hit or more if you use the Grab n Hit move.

For the 100% combos I will like to know how this can be possible:confused: . I did in arcade a long time ago and in MAT 2 (Midway Arcade Treasures 2) a Blizzard combo of 20 hits, 93% damage. And the life bar is something like 115-119%.

In the PSX version the hit stun window is bigger and it allows you even to put jumps in combos! Not the Tiger Jump cancels but normal jumps!

Thx to that my Blizzard combo goes up to 99% damage and there is still life in the opponents life gauge.

All of the aforementioned combos are in normal mode. Not in the Berserk mode.

Not only that. It was the precursor of many things now present in today fighting games! It had damage modifiers, hit and damage counter (SSF2 had only hit counter), Universal Overheads for all characters exept Vertigo, Super jumps and Mini jumps, Juggles, chains and Links in a same combo, A counter system(very primitive, when you blocked the 3rd hit of a rush string, you could cancel your blocking stance by pressing any button), an “anti-cheese” meter (it wont allow you to set fatal traps to the opponent)…

Sadly It never had a scene (at least only 8 people here played it seriously) and the sequel never came out…

It was balanced unless you played with Chaos. He had TOO many options from a crouching 1 and that attack could poke almost everithing you threw at him. that coupled with the BnB combos and the setups for the Fart of Fury move(think of it as Urien in 3S and the unblockable Aegis traps) ruined the fun and it was always Chaos vs. Chaos unless both players agreed not to pick him (It wasnt necesarily a character thatr need to be banned but he was ahead of the others charactes by LIGH YEARS!)

Hope to get some more feedback on this thread and if I can manage to record some combos I will put them online.

I have that game in my SNES briefcase still. I marked black all over the cartridge to make KillerInstinctify it. I remember that it had a crazy system. Wasn’t this the game where you had to like…hold down three buttons and rotate the D-pad for the move to come out. Whaaa? Buttons THEN D-pad? Did that kill [the game]?

To me this is the game with no specials. I remember I had a demo of this game when I was young, and only two dinosaurs playable. And I was already playing sf, snk and mk, and other fighters so I was aware of the generic fighting game engine. But I couldn’t find any specials and stopped playing.

in PR you press the button then input. As opposed to input +Button.

Wasn’t this the game where specific combos had names on-screen?