Primitive Camping tips


On the first of July I will be leaving for my second stint of primitive camping. Last year we brought far to much with us and ended up suffering due to having to lug around everything. So for you nature guru’s can you take a look over my list of items that I will be bringing along. Let me know if there are anythings that I shouldn’t leave or that I may have forgotten.

Tarp- We plan to use a tarp as a tent.
1" or thicker dowel for erecting the tent end.
camp saw or hand saw
Small Camp shovel
Camp grill
Cotton Balls/Vaseline- I know that sounds messed up but it the best way to start a fire.
First Aid kit
Carton of Cigarettes :smokin:
Sleeping Bags/camping pad
Bug repellent/sun screen
Mosquito netting
Flashlights with extra batteries
mess kit
homemade MRE (Meal ready to eat)
Instant Coffee
Water purification tablets or filter
trash bags
Personal effects.
a. 2 pairs of jeans
b. 5-7 t shirts
c. 10 pairs of socks/boxers
d. Long sleeve clothing (thermals and or hoodies)
e. spare shoes/boots
f. Rain gear
g. Hygiene Products

We will be setting up camp as we go along. Our hike will be about 25 miles to finish. The terrain will be very dense forest with some elevation changes.


Handheld system & marshmallows…


How long is this camping trip? 5-7 t-shirts + 2 pairs of jeans sounds like a shitload of stuff. Not like you’re going to impress anyone with your attire in the mountains man.


hhahah damn dude my friend would have killed me… we forgot the marshmallows last year :x.


8 days. I know the rule is to always have a fresh dry set of clothes. For 8 days what should I bring?


Eyepatch, Tranquilizer gun, Carton of Cigs, and a Ration or 2.


Just curious why do people like to go camping? It seems like a pain in the ass…


Yo man that shit doesn’t sound primitive at all. You may as well load up an RV and play some wack ass SFIV while you’re down there.


What doesnt sound primitive?

I know it sounds kinda cheesy but I like nature. Its really nice to get away from all the crap going on too. Out in the woods its not cluttered with all the day to day crap. Out there I just have to think about collecting wood for the fire and putting food in my stomach.


You need to excuse my mexican friend Pablo, all he need is his knife & hardbody when he goes camping…He’s a man in full…


well, that’s because when they go “camping” they are carrying lots of coke across the border, they can’t really carry much else…


Skip the jeans. Shit is hard to clean and dry, easy to cut and just in general not good for hiking. Get your self some comfortable cargo pants.

For shirts if you got some underarmor shirts wear those hiking and your cotton ones sleeping. Expect to clean your clothes when hiking/camping. Non-cotton shirts are super easy to clean and dry much faster. DONT bring cotton socks! Your socks should be wool only. Only need 4 of them, by day four you should be drying the first 3 on your pack.

Bring a HAT! something that covers all around your head. Cheap sunglasses too.

Dont forget chap stick. Get carmex or burt’s bee, everything else is worthless.

If you can try to find Polar Pure. It is better than tablets to purify your water but tablets are okay, just leave a really bad iodine taste. Bring a water bag (something that you flatten) and when you are in camp you can fill up and make it the community water/kp/shower bag.

For food your MREs are good as meals, but to the affects on the side bring jelly beans, crackers, beef jerky, salami (the one you cut yourself), koolaid/crystal light, peanut butter, package tuna, whatever else you like to munch on.

Its been awhile since I have gone hiking/camping, but damn I want to go again. Looks like you know what you are doing. As for hiking/camping and why do we do it is because of this:


make sure to wear a mask behind your head, as to not get pounced on by a tiger.


dont wipe with pinecones


Don’t forget your cardboard box disguise, and when you head out you’ll see this tall ass ladder that seems to go on forever… when you get there, climb that shit and you’ll hear this as you start climbing…


Eat whatever you can find, we will not provide food or any equipment for that matter… got that Snake? You’re our only hope to save the world…


Never heard of such a rule, but if you can take all of that stuff, and not have it be a burden I’m sure it’ll be fine. Maybe it’s cause I’ve watched so much Man vs. Wild, but I feel like you should take a knife and flint.


what is even remotely primitive about this???


You do have a camera or video recorder in case shit goes down right? So we can see it or hear it later? Like this dude, Tim Treadwell, who got mauled to death by the Bears he loved and considered family. Oh and his girl got mauled and eaten too cause she didn’t wanna run away.

Bear-hug edit: , 6 minutes of audio was recorded (the cover on the lens must have been up) of the attack but they didn’t release it publicly.


You’re taking a shit load of stuff man, you’re going camping, not on fucking holiday…


When I read “primitive camping” I thought this was some sort of an adventure trip or something, camping out with the bare minimum like tribal style. Something crazy. But this just seems like normal camping? :wonder:

I saw that sort of “documentary”. Wasn’t he mauled by some other bears that he didn’t know as well? He seemed pretty insane though.