Primo asists to use with Guile on point

As someone who i relatively new to the game, I was wondering what assists are good for backing Guile up. I’ve heard that Doom is good (of course he is…) and that T.Bonne is good for Guile’s rush down game. While they both sound good, I was wondering what asists are good for him. And also, a good beginner team I can use that involves Guile as well.

All suggestions are appreciated.

grr huge…

I gave it some thought, I don’t think it gets much better than doom and tron.As you know, Guile’s strengh comes from his priority and ground game and I don’t think there are to assists that compliment this style better. With tron, guile can touch you once and half your life bar vanishes.

Storm proj. can work really well also. Antonio uses Guile with Ironman AAA, but he’s yet to do anything impressive with it so…yeah.

One of those memphis cats used Sent’s ground assist with him. That’s good to.

Akuma exp= free air combos and supers.

IMO, Mag projectile is better for guile than storm’s because it juggles and it connects well with a air hk and air super…storms projectile leaves a much smaller window to connect forcing you to be in the proper position to land the super and stops the super completely if you dont get it right. you can probably be more confortable throwing low hks in their face with storms assist, and not everybody likes to air super anyway.

My favorite assist aside from Dooms AA with Guile is Dhalsim AA. This allows you to mix up early cross up flashkicks and still connect something on the way down, on other side of them, jump on the other side and flash kick or whatever. It juggles slowly keeps them in juggle until they hit the ground…its just fuckin good.

These all seem like pretty good suggestions.

I’ll have to try them out myself to see what works best for me though.

Proj Assist: Storm Gambit Sent and Cable (maybe magz)
AA assist: Capcom and Cyke ( Cyke if you want to air juggle them.

-Sent ground/storm proj is good ground cover for guile rushdown. sent Proj works good, too.
s.lp, s.lp, s.fp + sent proj, TK crossfire blitz

-Tron Proj is just too good. I use her a lot with guile., + tron, s.fp xx SH.
after fk air throw, jump up + tron xx crossfire blitz, opponent is crossed up, land, > whatever

-Charlie is a decent AAA for guile, IMO. And the DHC is nice.

-Dooms rocks are ok for guile, especially in the corner. Doom does work very will with charlie, also.

Some of my guile teams


Sakura is also good to use with her dash assist, but her fireball super is great after a kick super.