Print art display on a arcade stick


can anybody help me out. i am wonder what kind of paper i can used to print my custom art on my arcade stick. i got it mod out and liking it alot but this stick is kinda cheesy(its a wwe brawl stick with the rock and triple h). and looking forward to take it off.


Lami-Label if you can find it.


is this going to be gross surface?


Lamilabel is a lamination material they sell at FedEx/Kinkos that is adhesive on one side. It turns a normal color print into a pretty good semi-gloss sticker; it’s not the absolute best quality, but it’s far and away the most reasonably-priced option. Most people who do custom art on SE sticks (the Brawl Stick is effectively an SE) use Lamilabel. The trick to making it look good, in my experience, is taking your time getting all the gunk from the original art off; it helps to have a putty knife/scraper of some sort. Also GooGone for great justice.


well, before i get this. can anybody tell me how to do the print right. i did a test of the one art i did and it was too small. the picture is a 11x8 but come out 8x6 with i print it out. idk how to adjust the print or do i have to do something on photoshop for the size