Print out Vewlix artwork for TE on a transparent label?


Is there a way to get the artwork printed on some sort of transparent label like as in a vewlix overlay? The vewlix looks nice because there is a transparency to it and the label also gives it the glare. Someone has to be able to print it like that. It allows the metal underneath it to shine through and that is the part that is hard to reproduce.

See how the colors also change in the light?

Well not to sure about a transparent overlay but you could print on metallic photo paper.

The problem with that would be it would screw with the colors. I think. I was thinking like printing it on clear label or something like that maybe.

If you look at these pics on TMO’s site you can see what I mean:

Look at this one, no Panel behind it. The colors appear solid because if the table its laid out on.

This one, damaged however is not on a solid color surface so you can see because of the damage it is printed on clear media of some kind.