Printers for Custom Joystick Art

Has anyone done any home printing for their joystick art? How does it compare to using a printing service like Kinkos?

Either way, my Kinkos sucks. I took art for them to print and the employee was actually some nerd that realized my artwork (Square-Enix) was copyrighted material and refused to print me a copy… He ended up giving me some copyright form that I need to use to obtain permission from Square-Enix… Forget that!

Anyway, I’m considering buying a printer, but I’m not sure which models to look for. The thing I’m worry about is buying a printer that won’t accept large-sized paper. I looked up these “Large Format Printers” on Newegg and they’re like… $5000-$20000. :looney:

Are there photo printers that accept large® paper (big enough for joystick art) that I can get under $200?

I browsed around, but I’m not that good at understanding the specs… I see descriptions like 1600 DPI x 2400 DPI and get totally confused.

Anyone have suggestions? I’d rather spend $100 or under, but will go up to $200 if I must.

probably hard to get such a printer for $200 but DPI is basically pixels per inch. as for the paper size, it’s not like incredibly bigger than normal paper. But you’d also need to laminate and put adhesive backing =]

This wouldn’t be true if I were to have a plexi-glass top panel to hold in my art, would it?

hm i guess that’s true.

Your right, it wouldn’t.

What size prints are you looking for?

wow they actually stopped you? Good thing my art work on my stick I’m having printed is from a live action show (the original power rangers) I’ll just tell them it’s an actual picture of me cosplaying.

Well, currently I’m looking to print an 8.5" x 11" design I made to use with a case I bought from Sillypuddy. I probably would want a printer that is capable of printing a couple inches more on the width and height someday, if I were to ever create my own custom joystick box.

Are there home printers that could print something around say… 10" x 14"? That would probably be good enough for me.

lmao… kinkos SUCKS

go to staples

have your artwork printed on 11x17 glossy card stock

can they lami-label it?