Printing artwork

What kind of paper do you print it on

I dont want to walk into kinkos looking stupid

ask for adhesive vinyl.

It varies by how you’re planning on installing it. If you’re just going to place it behind some plexi then glossy paper will do. And if you want to apply it with glue already on it then go with adhesive vinyl.

im not sticking it to anything though…its going under lexan

in that case photo paper/glossy paper will do.

goto cost co … 12 x 18 print for $3.20 … and get a hot dog and drink for $1.50 while you’re there.

whats the difference between case photo and glossy paper?

Aren’t there also like file conversions that you have to pay for? Like if you bring Jpeg’s/PNG’s, you gotta convert it over to PDF right? Can someone explain the entire process step by step?

I went to Kinko’s to get my art printed.

  • Make picture. I saved mine as a JPEG. I don’t think there’s a conversion fee. It helps if the picture is already scaled to the size you want.
  • Go to Kinko’s. Like the other people said, ask for “adhesive vinyl”. It costs $15 for a square foot, rounded up. Mine was 8 x 13, and it cost me $15. You have the option of matte (not shiny) or glossy finish.
  • Pick up your printed art the next day.

Basically, you get a giant laminated sticker, put it on your stick’s faceplate and cut out the holes.

good thing that was a T5. I thought I was gonna have to shell out $30 to get some artwork on that thing. Very nice artwork btw…

That sounds perfect if you plan to stick it on the face plate. but if its going under lexan theres no need for adhesive vinyl right?

What kind of paper do you print it on then?

I’m modding a MAS mini for my girlfriend. This is exactly what I needed to know :tup: How would I blow up the picture though? Very noob here. Plus doesn’t blowing it up lose picture quality?

photo paper or glossy paper…

Photo paper OR glossy paper, not “case photo paper”. EDIT: lol, beat me to it

As for making/sizing the picture, you can do it yourself if you have photoshop or other image editing tools OR you can ask the guy at the print shop to do it for you. I prefer doing it myself to see what it would look like at different resolutions.

When you blow up a picture the picture quality depends on the resolution you’re printing at and the resolution of the original pic. In general unless you’re trying to take a small (or very low res) picture and make it HOOGE it should look fine. If your pic can work as a desktop wallpaper then it usually works as stick art as well.:tup:

What media should I bring the pictures onto? Cd/FlashDrive/Memory Card?

flash drive works best.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried going somewhere like walgreens to get their photo’s printed rather than kinko’s? Im pretty sure walgreens is cheaper and im not sure if they really care or not if the pictures are copyrighted and stuff but than again i haven’t tried myself so i cant say for sure.

Im not sure about walgreens but some Kinkos workers care about the pictures being copyrighted or not. some dont even notice. just make sure not to tell them what it is. ( “what is that a picture of you ask? oh thats the character Chun Li from street fighter 4.”)

I recommend matte photopaper, glossy sometimes gets stickied to the lexan or might leave wetmarks…