Printing nice Picture art for a stick

Yea, Im’a noob when it comes to printing =//. I was wonder how to print high quality pictures like you guys have cause my pictures look like crap.

Make sure to use something beyond 72DPI when making the art, and use Kinkos to get quality prints or something.

oh and define crap. Does the image look all pixelated?

I had the same problem…But i sence decided that im just makeing sticks for myself then ill just make custom art as well!

Yea my art is all pixelated. err this is my the pic i want

it comes out kinda like this

I googled kinkos, and I assume its Fedex Kinkos. It looks interesting. Seems like u can give the image off ur pc and they will send the picture in the mail i think. So u said over 72dpi?

i got a rocket in my pocket lookin at that picture :slight_smile:

but seriously,

u didnt make that picture yourself did u? does have a high res version of that? try getting the high res one, then shift-scaling the image in Adobe InDesign to fit the hole area in which it will be place on the arcade stick. I usually leave my pictures at 72 dpi though, and mine haven’t turned pixelated on print.

As for kinkos, I think everyone means FedEx Office Kinkos because that’s what I googled too. Supposed to be really good.

But hot pic. :slight_smile:

try 300 dpi or 175 though.

throw it in photoshop and increase the dpi. also try to get a bigger picture and resize it to smaller size if u can. those things will fix your problem. if u cant get it to work show me where u got the pic and i will help u out.

You can enlarge a 72DPI image which is pretty much the DPI of most of the images from the internet and just enlarge it to fit a 300DPI template. Be prepared to do a ton of filtering though.

Oh the photo I found one about 1024 x 724?. Adobe Indesign? ehh let me google it.

Ohhhh i see. My teacher gave me CS3,so i wonder if she has Indesign aswell… and @ hole area, i got me a USB FIGHTING STICK, which I ordered sanwa buttons today(2 of then are her hair color, the other 2 are her bikini color =]… EDIT: I SHOULDA BOUGHT CLEAR BUTTONS CRAP). Havent figured out how to put in a joystick yet, so I’m going to have to do that later.

My screen size is 1650x 1050, and i doubt i can get the wallpaper that size.
the link to the site is

I printed the picture earlier on my college’s pc Lol. Maybe thats why its so pixelated

Kinko’s is never very good, some of the best (cheap) printing ive ever used comes from Costco. Its only like 1$.80 so give them a try, plus if the pics dont turn out well you dont have to buy them.

Hope that helps!

Costco? Googling now! Ehh u got a site? dont see it anywhere

i got a 12 x 18 for less than $3.50 at cost co. absolute photo quality. you should definitely try them.

I print myself using an HP Deskjet 5150… dont let the name fool you, I’ve tried all different types of printers and HP simply makes the best ones for non-photo printing. Other brands, like Canon do auto-dithering to make real life photo prints look better; but they lack the option to turn the dithering off (dithering is the act of blurring an image to make color changes look smoother).

My HP Deskjet prints extremely sharp prints. I figure, if I want to dither my image, I’ll do it myself in Photoshop… Which is why I like the HP, it doesnt do any advanced features itself; it gives me the option do it myself, or not to do it. I use Kodak Glossy Paper, which is about 25 cents a sheet and I print using it’s maximum setting which is actually 1200 dpi. The printer also has a borderless option so it can print right to the edges of the paper.

Oh… my original sources, I keep at 200dpi. If you look at past sticks I have made, they are all printed using this printer. Both Kinkos and Staples suck at printing. I’ve noticed that both places tend to brighten and dither every image that goes through they crappy ass printers. Yes, the print gets done in about 10 seconds (where as, my printer takes about 14 minutes for a single 1200dpi picture), but if you want quality, it takes time.

You definitely don’t need InDesign to adjust your print res whatsoever.

Internet images aren’t necessarily 72 dpi, it’s just that jpgs and other “non-delivery” image files are essentially DPI-less. In order for there to actually be a DPI, it needs to be a real document and not just an image. DPI is not an inherent attribute of an image, it’s a printer setting. Therefore, when you’re setting the “dpi” of a document in photoshop, you’re not changing the image, you’re actually just telling it how many pixels to assign within each inch of the printed paper.

Scaling it up to a much higher resolution in photoshop in order to print at a higher DPI really isn’t going to gain you a hell of a lot, since it’s all just interpreted pixels, anyway, but it’s better than nothing. The long an the short of it is that your image just isn’t big enough to print at a decent quality. Period.

200 dpi should be about your minimum for any form of quality print. That’s what I’ve used for my sticks, but that’s also because when I created the artwork, the rendering out of my 3d program was already taking over an hour at 200 dpi, and I was entirely too impatient to wait for a 300 dpi print. =)

So, lesson learned, animewallpapers? Not a great idea. Even a 1600x1200 picture at 200 dpi is only going to give you 8x6 inches. You might be able to get away with a 150dpi print of a large wallpaper if you have fairly low standards for what a good print looks like. =D

Also, just a friendly recommendation, but 1200dpi is wasteful. You won’t be able to tell the difference between 600 dpi and 1200 dpi, unless you create the media in 1200 dpi in the first place, and even then, i doubt it. A 1200 dpi image will be taking 4x the resources of a 600 dpi image, which is already taking 4x the resources of a 300 dpi image. The ram in your printer is puking, that’s why it’s taking so long. I work with professional print people, and they very rarely even break 300 unless it’s a pretty damn swank job… and our printers cost as much as a car.

If that’s the case, what would be a good resolution for 12x10 inches at 300 dpi? 2400x1800?