Printing size on MAME marquees art for a Madcatz SE


I’m about to order replacement art for my SE from gameongraphix (a.k.a MAME marquees). Just curious, has anyone done this? I need to know exactly what Height and Width to get it printed as. If anyone needs to see the actual image/photoshop file to determine this, I can PM it to them. Thanks.


have u found ou the right size yet…i printed mine at kinkos and it was wayt oo big:annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy:


You just print it the exact size of the PSD.

How much way too big?
You supposed to print 100% (No Scale) at 300 DPI.


like 10 times bigger…but the lami lable lokked like ass,so im gonna go with gameongrafix,but i need to know the size for an se and i dont have photoshop,so how would i go about ordering?


I don’t think you printed at 300 DPI.
I’m feeling it was 72 DPI you did.