Priorities prioritized

Is there a list of each button/move/super’s priority?

Something like:
23. Chun Li back fierce beats Hugo down jab.

Or something like
Level 2. Chun Li back fierce

Level 38. Hugo down jab.

priority is not a value. It depends on the hitboxes, positioning, frames and timings.
If it was a value, some moves would always beat some others, but that’s not true.
IE: from a certaing range, Urien’s sMP beats Chun’s sHP when they’re executed simultaneously or if Urien starts first. If Chun starts first the trade.
Step forward, and they always trade. Step even closer, Chun wins.

For the record, 3s doesn’t use hitboxes. It actually uses pixel-to-pixel hit detection. It’s what allows for some of the odd ways moves hit only during certain frames of animation, etc.

Priority: Though priority is not a value, they may indeed check your-hits-on-them first (rather then checking both and evaluating the results later, for faked “simultaneous” checks) if you are doing a Super. Do we know if this is indeed done? It would explain some Genei-Jin situations, like s.Strong vs. EX Ken DP…but then again, so would Yun having different animations/boxes during GJ.

Hitboxes: Is that actually confirmed by someone who knows the game’s insides? Pixel-to-pixel hit detection can be achieved by drawing lots of pixel-accurate boxes, and you can still cover big areas with a single box. Also, different hitboxes for different frames (instead of simply duping them for the animation) can explain the effect you mentioned - just takes more time than the slapdash usual way. Bitmap collision is more expensive, and if they indeed did it that way then why do certain moves (palm, Chun B+Fierce) seem to have big rectangular hit areas when checked by jumping at various distances?

Just wondering,
Mike Z

My question is exactly the same as mikes…good thing i decided to read 2 seconds ago