Some fuck-knob failed the priorities in this game.

Prove me wrong.


uhhhh the game is 15 years old buddy, and why don’t you give an example of what proper priorities are first before you claim they are ‘wrong’?


He probably means how st.jab beats a bunch of specials, etc.


Oh so we’re doing a bait thread, huh?

It’s cool that you’re trolling… you drop your lines into this big blue forum sea and paddle your little rowboat around, hoping that maybe you’ll catch a few guppies.

Well I’ll bite. I’m a fuckin’ KEYBOARD SHARK, man. You underestimated what you might hook in here. You thought you were the big mean predator but now you’re the tiny squirmy prey. I will fucking chomp down and gnash up your line and snap your puny little fishing rods with me and maybe rip out your arm too if you don’t let go. I don’t play catch and release. I will sink your ship and tear your legs off while you’re trying to swim to shore. You are helpless out here.

It doesn’t matter where you dare to tread because now you’re just a small fish in a big pond. I can tell by the frustrated desperation in your text that you can barely keep yourself afloat. The internet is a fearsome and dangerous ocean. You should’ve stayed on safe, dry land. If you don’t drown first, some other predator will shred you into fish food. You will be digested and you’ll end up as nothing but whale shit littering the bottom of the sandy ocean floor, where you’ll be lucky if one of those guppies you wanted so badly to catch decides you’re his dinner again. You started off as a shrimp but by the end you will be less than plankton.

edit: Seafood is awesome and I feel hungry. I am going to go check to see if there are prawns left in the freezer, and I expect somebody to care and ask me whether I found any or not.


I <3 you :bgrin:

To the OP: Seriously? ST has some of the best footsies in any street fighter. Sure, some priorities are stupid but majority of it is gold.

You must be a SFIII/IV player huh?


I’m guessing that fuck-knob is you, and you lose repeatedly to better players, ammirite?

That was a rhetorical question, btw.

(I figure if you’re stupid enough to post the detritus you did, then you’re probably too stupid to understand that.)


Noobs complaining will always suck at this game.


lol whatever bub.


examples mothafucka!!!

Can you give them??


sooooo… since nobody has asked yet… DID you find any prawns?




You’re wrong.

See, I put just as much effort into proving you wrong as you put into supporting your point.