Prioritizing Bnbs?


I’ve learned some decent BnB combos with Ryu in SFV. Some big ones, some quick ones but I look at these BnB lists and think to myself, why would anyone want this many combos on their mind while playing? Don’t you just want the ones that do the most damage in each spacing situation(depending on meters of course)?


The long combo lists are more for completeness sake, showing the different things that are possible. It’s good to peruse them and understand WHY the combos work to fully understand the mechanics of your character.

As far as having them all memorized that’s not necessary at all and like you said, you generally just want the most optimized combo. Though even then there’s the matter of giving up damage for positioning too, like Ryu’s s. mp, c. hp xx tatsu rather than ending in shoryu, or Mika ending her irish whip juggles with EX shooting peach instead of EX wingless airplane.


Makes sense. I just become overwhelmed with all of these options. I have to go into Training mode and work on the best combos for particular spacing. I know that I’m not optimizing combo damage right now. Luckily, for me, Ryu’s combos aren’t that hard, haha.


Depends on what the situatoin calls for.
Often times a max damage combo doesn’t allow for any pressure afterward if the first hit is blocked. So its often choosing between this:
[] Less damage on hit, more pressure on block
] More damage on hit, less or no pressure on block

The aformentioned situations can generally be split into either “hitconfirm combos” and “punish combos”. It’s in the name really, hitconfirm combos are combos with which you use safe or + frame normals and that gives enough time to visually confirm if they are hitting, if they hit, then you complete your combo, on block you do pressure/throw/bait reversal etc.

You also have different specials you combo into, some deal a bit of safe chip on block, others prioritize corner carry and knockdown pressure over max damage.

Other combos deal more stun instead of damage and you also ahve spacing dependant combos, combos that work pointblank but not if you are a bit further away etc etc.


Okay, I totally get this. I think I kind of understood this to some degree but it clicks more now. Thank you.


Actually there is a lot of need to have a bunch of bnbs. With nash I have a bnb for each of my normals (minus mk and hk), but even then I may want to vary up the moves within it. I may want to change the ender for spacing reasons or alter up a normal within it to allow for a different combo path even though they may do the same damage (ex:, xx SS versus, xx TA).

Sure it’s good to have a solid go-to bnb, but having many gives you options for more situations. What if you don’t have enough frame advantage to startup your normal or heavy that starts the bnb? Well you have to use a lighter normal. If you don’t have a bnb for that normal, then you won’t be able to do much. You could also start with a low for a mixup.


Yesterday I watched the Kumite finals with Tokido and Infiltration and wrote down Tokidos bnbs. Needless to say, I learned a lot. I don’t use any of those crouching light combos. I have been practicing them until they are good enough to use. This will be interesting.


Yea, I find combos from lights to be a bit harder to learn because they require tighter timing due to them coming out and recovering faster than a medium or heavy, but they are just as useful as combos from mediums or heavies. I’ve been working on Nash’s, c.lp xx l.SS bnb for a while now. I can get it in training with no problem, but its still hit and miss while in a match.


The real deal is much harder. I’m trying to learn stick too. Double tapping helps A LOT with lights!